Wedding Card Collage

After our wedding this Summer I realized I was left with a pile of beautiful cards from all our amazing guests. Of course I had no idea what to do with all these specially picked cards I knew I didn’t want to just sit in a stack in a cupboard or drawer somewhere. I wanted to be able to enjoy them so I thought up two different craft projects to help me treasure them forever. So I thought I would share with you the first one of my ideas. My wedding card collage, which I hope will inspire you to get those old wedding cards out and get started on your very own.

First I gathered up a simple thin canvas and painted it a nice deep royal blue. Which was one of our wedding colors – a deep tardis blue.

Once I had my base all figure out I started to cut out all the little pieces of the FRONTS of my cards. Thankfully for me no one wrote on the back of the front side of the card so I was able to set aside the other half of every card to save the messages for another project.

It was such a sweet labor of love to be able to go through each of the cards and save all the pretty details from each of them to immortalize. I was so excited organizing and placing them where I wanted them before slowly gluing them in place.

Wedding Card Collage

After getting them all in the right spot I decided a little gold detailing was in order. After all it was another color from our wedding. I wanted to stay true to the feeling our wedding had, all the good parts, which were all the people who were celebrating with us. I like to think that making the collage helps me hold a little piece of each of them.

Wedding Card Collage

I like to think that this will help remind me of all their smiling faces that day, all the sweet congratulations we got and cheers. I waited so long for this day and I wanted to treasure the best parts of it in the best way I could.

A little art from the heart.

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