Winter Season

Winter is the time of year that is perfect for introducing some luxury to your wardrobe. Linens and fine materials are not going to cut the mustard: they are impractical as the mercury drops, and typically the warmest clothes are the ones that are made from natural, more luxe high-end materials. Here’s a guide to update your wardrobe and introduce some warming luxury to your closet. After all just because it is the winter season doesn’t mean your fashion decisions need to suffer!

Review your closet’s contents

There will be items in your closet that you will not need to wear for a few months, so clear them out! Shorts, short-sleeved shirts, lightweight dress shirts, cotton sweaters, and any loud summer prints can be delegated to the attic in the meantime. You can keep neutral colored tees as they are ideal for layering to keep the cold at bay. Make way instead for a closet that is winter ready.


Flannel shirts are the perfect winter clothing. Made from plush cotton or wool, they are heavier than dress shirts and provide an excellent insulating layer to keep you warm by. As well as being comfortable and stylish, they can be the ideal addition to your wardrobe as they are versatile enough to transition from office to bar seamlessly. Worn under sweaters, coats or on their own, a flannel shirt is a luxury must for winter.

Winter Season


Whether you are a city slicker who likes the warmth and luxury of a cashmere sweater, or a weekend textured cable-knit roll neck, you need to invest in some wool sweaters. Wool fibers respond to your body’s temperature, and it keeps you warm by trapping the air in between the fibers which gives it superior insulating properties while having the ability to breathe. Synthetic materials, while cheaper, will not give you the same level of warmth.

Winter coat

If you are restricted by budget, the best clothing you will ever invest in is your winter coat. It should be made from materials that will keep you warm and dry and be able to protect from winter winds. Luckily, provides coats that are contemporary in design but are crafted using time-tested techniques to create luxury stylish winter coats.


When you have freezing temperatures and wet and wild conditions, you need to be able to walk from A to Z without getting cold wet feet, and keeping that in mind, you need to invest in some heavy winter boots. Whether you are a passionate outdoors kind of fashionista or just someone who walks from taxi to bar, a good pair of winter boots should be on your luxe list. Don’t let style be the only driver of your choice, there are other factors that you need to consider the warmth, their breathability, and boot traction. Full leather boots are very nearly waterproof and a wise investment, but you can also source vegan alternatives.

While you will enjoy the sense of luxury that natural fabrics and materials give to you, you can justify the purchase when you understand that winter is the time when you need to invest in key clothing pieces to keep you warm. Warmth does not have to be at the expense of style, so choose your pieces wisely, and enjoy them!

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