I know that I am not the only one out there who has become newly addicted to the Marie Kondo Netflix series: the Art Of Tidying Up. This magical wizard lady is an organizational wiz and if you hadn’t already heard about her when her book took the world by storm, then you are definitely hearing about her now. As of January first you could watch the whole first season of her new show.

Clearly an evil genius tidying up ploy by Netflix…

Do you think that I watched it? Oh yes I did, in fact I watched the entire first season in one sitting new years day whilst very hungover. Like a pained couch potato at her worst I watched as others cleaned their homes and some made me feel better about my own filth surrounding me.

Tidying up
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You can be that the next day I woke up a new woman and completely tore apart my entire home.

I went through clothes, which thankfully never get folded so were already in several mountains around my home, I threw out garbage hidden in corners never seen by light in about a year. It was a magical feeling, but also a sobering one. In fact I learned a lot about myself in the process.

  1. We threw out a garbage bag of socks with holes, stretched socks, socks that were too small and small underwear. One whole bag of JUST socks and underwear that I have been moving around for lord knows how many years.
  2. I cleaned out my dresser and found an appointment slip from one of my midwives… my youngest will be 9 in February.
  3. My husband had three pairs of unworn dad jeans we had been moving for the last 6 years still with tags. He will never put them on… EVER.
  4. I had 10 serving plates. Only 2 of which I use regularly and 2 more that I kept because they are especially pretty.
  5. A lot of my stuff consists of things passed down from people in my life who have passed away. I need a whole new plate set as mine are all my mom and dads old plates, but its hard to get rid of things so simple sometimes.
  6. I have way too many mugs. Have I dealt with that? NO I LOVE THEM!

I have also discovered a couple hidden gems in my house that hold no sentimental value that I can now pass along I think. Which is nice because that will help us supplement our income a bit more – granted we could still go to a reputable online lender. But the little finds in our house gave us even more options and options are exactly what a growing family needs.

Along with more space for all my new stuff… and tiny boxes if you have any to mail me!

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