Winter hair

Winter is wonderful time of year. It is all about cozy clothing and staying warm by the fire, the one part about you that might hate Winter no matter what you do though is probably your hair. If you are anything like me Winter hair and pregnancy hair a true horrid nightmare that feels almost impossible to recover from.

But guess what ladies? 

There are more than a few amazing solutions from Chatters Hair Salon that will help you beat those Winter hair blues, no matter what mother nature decides to throw at you.

Winter hair
Image Credit Eschelle Westwood-Loftus

Winter hair is a real thing, a real awful thing that plagues so many of us beautiful locked women. Our hair all throughout the year can be manageable but as soon as that cold hair hits it all of a sudden keeping it luscious looking becomes harder and harder.

Even with products and tons of love your hair may still find Winter to be just too much too be seen and will require help – of course Chatters has stylish options for when all else fails too, naturally. So no matter what Winter wants to throw at you, you will be in good hands with these simple products.

Revlon Professional Uniq One Lotus Flower Hair Treatment $19.95 

This simple spray is great for right after the shower, spraying it onto your damp locks it will help add body, prevent split ends and even help you deal with that crazy frizz. Something we deal a lot with after having kids, a great idea as a stocking stuffer for a pregnant mom that is for sure. It will help them cope with the change that their hair ultimately goes through, much like its reaction to the cold Winter air. It will also protect your hair from harmful UVA/UVB rays no matter what the season.

L’OREAL Professional Vitamino Color A-OX $29.00 

This specially formulated shampoo is amazing for helping your hair show off all that is has to offer. This is what you bring out when you want to create that amazing salon fondled locks. Nothing will make your hair feel better faster it is a wonderful shampoo. It brings all the life that a Winter day can suck out of your hair all the way back. It even makes my curls easier to detangle which means I can run my fingers through my hair all the time without worrying about snagging on a knot. It is a great feeling.

KB Collection Scrunchies $9.95 

Now even with all the product help in the world, somedays your hair just doesn’t want to play fair and the only thing left to do is to put it up. Of course with crazy curly hair like mine that usually results in a painful elastic removal at the end of the day. That is why I am so happy Chatters is bringing back the once popular Scrunchies which are way more forgiving on my wild curls. They come in so many great colors too including this navy set that I just LOVE.

Since Chatters knows me, and knows just how little time I have during the Winter madness and having two kids they also sent me a little special something just for me, for when all else has failed.

They’re right, I do have a pretty Epic Life and I wouldn’t trade it or my curls for anything in the world!

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