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Last year, just before the holidays, my grandmother passed away. When people in my family pass away it usually means that I collect wonderful pieces of them, pieces of them people overlooked for a long while. Some of those things included lost pieces of cross stitch art she had done, beautiful frames with less flattering paintings in them, a pre-ban elephant ivory bracelet that seems very old and her massive collection of recipes both collected over the years and created all on her own. Since the holidays have been here my family and I wanted to get to know her a little better through some of her cookie recipes that we found throughout the endless binders. We wanted to find a cookie recipe that was a little more unique than the others.

You see my grandmother was a notorious cook and even worked on a few of her own cookbooks people tell me she later published. Something I have never found evidence of so perhaps it was always a dream of hers that never really came to be.

Which is just another reason why I wanted to take the time to share some of her recipes, starting with some of the sweetest of course. I figure that maybe between her and I we can make those cookbook dreams of hers happen – just sadly not in her lifetime.

Which cookie did we decide to pick first?

My Grandmother’s Chocolate Pecan Shortbread Cookie Recipe

cookie recipe


Since my family isn’t fond of the traditional shortbread cookie recipe this one was a perfect change. It is brilliant with a great cup of coffee too might I add with its deep almost dark chocolate flavor. A great option if you are hoping to find a cookie that isn’t super sweet but is a nice balance of flavors and textures with the pecan and sugar topping.

If you didn’t notice this cookie recipe is also EGG FREE which is great if you have anyone with egg allergies in the house. I can see why she made this cookie and I can see why my dad and his siblings approved it as kids.

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