This holiday season has hit me hard, not just in the feels either. I have become deathly ill right before the holidays which is clearly putting a wrench in any and all plans that I have had for this week. I have honestly spent the last two days in bed and while I was in bed floating on Nyquil and in and out of consciousness I started flipping through all of my Grandmother’s old cookbooks. She died just before the holidays last year and even though we weren’t the closest I have been getting to know her a little better.

She loved to cook, she would spend hours in the kitchen and always had goodies on hand and amazing dinners made each and every day of her life. There isn’t a memory I have of her that doesn’t involved food either in the kitchen or in the garden.

You can see through all her recipes how much she loved to make everyone around her happy even if it was just for a moment at meal time. From what I knew from my father life wasn’t amazing and what I heard from her it was always a struggle for her as well. She married young, wealthy and had big ambitions herself. Throughout all her life time she wrote multiple cookbooks and since this is the holiday season I wanted to try to bring some of her favorite recipes back to life.

Even though her handwriting can be hard to read from time to time it has been a lot of fun going through them all and picking out a few I want to make once I am out of this bed and back on the mend.


What do I want to make?

I definitely want to try out her Chocolate Pecan Shortbread cookies that sound super good and are even egg-free. Another couple I want to try is some of her oatmeal cookie recipes as she has more than a few she claims to be her and her kids favorites. According to the front page of this book this is a collection of all the recipes that passed the “family test” she would find/create and play with recipes, present them to the family and if they all liked the recipe it would be added to the book.

Based on the size of the book I am amazing my father was so slim throughout his youth, but kids were more active back then. Life was simple and food was better and she clearly went out of her way to pick good nutritious food.

So over the next couple days I will show you a couple of her recipes re-created by me just in time for the holidays. I hope my family and I can do these recipes justice!

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