Harry Potter Collectible Wands

I was a huge Harry Potter fan when it first came out… of course I was well within the generation that got to read the Harry Potter books one at a time as they were published. It was an exciting time to be alive, a time of midnight line ups outside of books stores and parent begging. Harry Potter books were life and I am so happy to see it touch so many more generations well after mine, including my own children. Which is why I was all over these cute Harry Potter Collectible Wand Blind Boxes when I saw them this year.

You see, every year I like to get a small Harry Potter themed gift. We have done scarves, costumes, snacks, large wands and this year I am introducing them to these great detailed die cast wands. Perfect for the older die hard fans looking for something fun to collect and trade with their friends. There are so many great wands to collect in the series too and they are the perfect stocking stuffer size!

Harry Potter Collectible Wands

Each one is under 8 bucks and they all come with little stands to help your little wizarding collector display them for all their friends. You never know when a fellow wizard will stop in, in the hopes of seeing some of their best wizarding objects! Since they are blind boxes kids have an extra fun time opening them up to see what they get and not knowing is part of the collecting fun. Gain the whole set by meeting up and trading with fellow wizards IN REAL LIFE, an amazing concept.

There are so many to collect and I know my boys are going to be stoked to see that I am keeping our tradition alive with these great little Harry Potter Collectible Wands. This year JAKKs Toys has more than just these great wands to keep an eye out for – they have so much more in terms of products. Try out their Wizard Training Wand for those little ones still looking for that piece of magic in life or maybe you have a niffler fan!

Niffler Challenge Harry Potter

They have something for any of your little Harry Potter Fans and these wands are just perfect to get you started with a manageable collection. Of course you can always find these products at Toys r Us or even some Indigo/Chapters location!

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