Massive Monster Mayhem

My boys, like most brothers, love to rough house. Even despite my protests those two love to roll around and pretend fight while giggling. While I love it, I have to admit it has resulted in a few minor injuries and LOTS of dramatic tears. The amount of dramatic scenes of battle that have happened in my home have been countless and I hope I have a couple more years of this fun rough housing to watch. Of course, now that they are getting a little older, the rough housing is getting more rough than it should be. Of course I am too sentimental to have it stop just yet, so I found something to help it last a little longer without all the minor injuries: Massive Monster Mayhem toys.

That’s right these Massive Monster Mayhem toys have proven to be one of the best little discoveries I have made for my boys. Not only is it something that they can do together it is something to help compliment an activity they already love to do; rough house.

Massive Monster Mayhem

Now the $14.99 Bash Armor is perfect to keep their heads safe and looking awesome while their inflatable fists help lessen the impact of those little fists of fury. These are a great start to my kids arsenal of toys to help them play together not just play behind screens. Paired with the amazing $9.99 Monster Mayhem inflatable weapons and your kids will be battling in no time and in a safe way.

With the weapons being a full 4ft tall you might want to keep these toys to outside and playroom areas only to help protect the breakable things in your house. After all kids can get carried away when they are having too much fun so make sure the space they play is void of expensive breakable items. Once you are all done they even deflate which makes them great if you have limited toy storage space.

They have only a couple short years before the teen years really start and they may not want to play as much with one another. So for now I am going to nurture their needs to rough house in my house for as long as I can. Maybe just maybe, I will have some very close and loving brothers on my hands.

How do your kids rough house?

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