Five Nights At Freddies

If you have kids who ever played Minecraft or Roblox then you are probably familiar with the dark and scary characters of Five Nights At Freddie’s. If you are also like me and know about these guys that means your probably have kids who love these creepy guys. At least I do. My youngest is a big fan of FNAF and Bendy so when these landed on our door step you can bet he was excited to tear them all open and check them out – before even really knowing what they were he was thrilled.

I love that, even though he has some darker choices, there are still companies out there that recognize how much kids love the darker things sometimes. Just like adults some kids just like that thrill like my little guy and I love that he can find toys that and now even candies that fit his interests. These little packets are great to collect which means they are perfect for stocking stuffers and gift bags for kids parties!

Five Nights At Freddie'sThese twisted little animatronics make the perfect little candy dispenser – with their twist off tops making it possible to mix and match between all you collected characters! In true robot fashion they can really change their parts, adding to the fun of collecting them all. Not only that but each character comes with cute mini poster your kids can collect too – my kid has already taken him to decorate his room… I am hoping he will still manage to sleep.

Or maybe it should be me that is more worried about getting some sleep?

The candy in each of these is also good, small and easy to chew very much so reminding me of the Runts candies in all their glorious fruit flavors. I liked them, my youngest adores them and wants millions of them and I bet your kids will too!

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