Oregon Trail

When I was a kid there were only a few computer games out there, and even fewer that we were allowed to play in school. One of those games was the Oregon Trail. This seemingly impossible game took you on the same journey many had to take back in the days of the gold rush. You would have to sell supplies, survive harsh terrain and even harsher winters just to get to Oregon and believe you me I died of dysentery more times than I ever succeed… not that I can ever remember succeeding at this game.

Regardless of this games harsh reality as a kid this was our obsession, all of us trying to find ways to beat the game, rooting on our friends when they were on the cusp of making it or stopping to enjoy the digital scenery. Kids these days will never know they joy that way the Oregon Trail in the computer room at school and that is such a shame. But guess what?! You can remember those good old days in the computer lab with the brand new Oregon Trail board game!

Oregon Trail

That is right now you and your friends can remember the good old days and all die of dysentery together all over again. After all it is every wagon for himself in this treacherous journey to make your millions in the Gold Rush. Beat your friends to riches or die trying as you use skill and strategy to make your mark! This is a great game for anyone 14+ and would make a great gift for any game lover on your list. Filled with hours of fun this game doesn’t disappoint.

Challenge your friends to a fun night in with this game and a few choice drinks, maybe just some whisky on the rocks to really set the mood for a journey like this! 

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