I am not sure if you are aware but attending an adult only after hours event at Vancouver Aquarium is one of the best ways to enjoy the Aquarium and you want to know why? There are no kids and it is amazing. Now I love my boys, I love kids… for the most part, but until recently I didn’t know how amazing the Aquarium can be when all the kids have left. The noise level is so much better, the crowd is reasonable and way smaller – I am not fighting kids and parents alike to sneak a peak at anything.

Guess what the Vancouver Aquarium is doing for Halloween?

They are hosting a spooky themed after hours event and you are definitely not going to want to miss this. Not only do you get to enjoy the Aquarium in peace and with other fun adults you get to enjoy all the activities they have planned for that night. They have LOTS of great stuff to do, not just drink and check out the animals.

Vancouver Aquarium
Photo Courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium

Costume Contest

Everyone attending is invited to join in on the costume party, but of course avoid sequins, glitter and other items that could unexpectedly end up in the habitats. Strut your stuff on a runway and show off your Halloween costume in all its glory.

Adult Puppet Show

I don’t think I have to say much about this one other than you are going to be in for a goofy treat with it for sure. Not only will you learn something you’ll laugh your butt off in the process.

Penguin Walk + 4D Sharks

Before the penguins are put to bed they love to do a little waddle for the crowds so sit tight and get ready at the perfect time for the penguin walk. Once you are done there you can head over to the 4D theatre to experience their sharks show and learn all about them. BONUS no kids will be screaming in fear or crying because it is – ADULTS ONLY!

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You can enjoy all of this plus more when you snag your tickets and head there for Halloween!


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