Fright Nights

Fright Nights is coming back to the PNE once again this year and it is in full swing already, scaring the willies out of everyone who dares to enter. Every year my hubby and I love to go and check out all the fun – even if I don’t always have it in me to go into some of the haunted houses. Thankfully Fright Nights caters to everyone, even if you aren’t a fan of the houses there are so many rides and shows to enjoy and the staff are always walking around and always happy to be in a photo op!

Fright Nights
Photo Courtesy of PNE/Playland

This year they even have some pumpkin spice candy floss to really ring in the Halloween season, along with some other vendors to help keep your tummies full while you walk around amongst the fog machines and screams. With 8 big haunted houses all over the park you will be filled with hours of entertainment, but make sure you have those comfy running shoes on, you just might need them to get to safety!

All joking aside remember that this is a very safe event, NONE of the employees are allowed to physically touch you and you can’t touch them, so no matter how scared you are remember nothing is going to hurt you… hurt nothing outside your pride anyways. 

Dress warm so you can enjoy those high speed rides up in the air, or maybe just get cozy with your sweetie on the carousel – where the monsters might not get you. Did I mention how fun this is for a date night idea? Nothing gets you hugging your sweetheart more than some terrifying beasts, ghosts, ghouls and zombies!

If you want to buy tickets and have a fun night out getting scared then you can BUY TICKETS HERE. Goes on all the way till October 31st so get in there and get into that Halloween spirit with your friends!

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