Treasure X

**This Treasure X post was sponsored by Treasure X**

This past Summer a new little toy came out on the market that both my boys and myself have become huge fans of: Treasure X. Treasure X are these amazing little kits that let your kids dig for buried treasure and collectible figures you have to put back together! They can Rip, Fizz and Chip away to reveal layers and discover the secrets hidden within and there’s even a chance you could find real gold!

Both my kids loved working together to dig out their mystery figure and treasure – the best part of course for my boys was the fizz at the very end. These are a great idea for any little diggers in your house and will definitely keep them busy for more than a few minutes. These toys are a great size for stocking stuffers during the holidays or even as part of a loot bag for a birthday party.

X marks the spot for a hunt unlike any other your little ones have experienced. Search for REAL gold dipped treasure through 10 levels of adventure! Treasure Hunters is the ultimate surprise, revealing collectibles with a multi layered reveal process. Will your kid be the hero that finds the REAL gold or will they end up with the booby prize? You wont know till you check one of these guys out with your kids.

Each pack includes: 1x Character, 1x Vessel, 1x Pick Tool, 1x Treasure Chest, 1x Map/Collector’s Guide, 1x Ancient Coin and 1x Scroll and has a retail value of $14.99 each. 

Overall both my boys spent a good half an hour outside playing together digging out their cool treasures, but sadly no gold for them! It was so much fun and great idea to play around with. My boys even managed to get it all done without fighting over anything once which was incredible to me – I was definitely pleased with how much they liked it.

You can find these guys at Walmart and Toys r Us.

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