In the beginning there was a young mother of one, then two and now I am a young mother without her sanity. Oh, how I love my boys, but don’t get me wrong this is definitely not where I expected to be at the tender age of 22. I am enjoying the daily challenges of having a two and half year old and a two months old. Their huge similarities and differences amaze me everyday; there is nothing more amazing than a child learning about the world. So throughout my daily struggles I realized that my “supermom” ideals or “dreams,” I guess they could be called, where terribly unrealistic. “Mumfection”… that on the other had was attainable! It was what I thought was a perfect day, kids are fed, not terribly clean but manageable, my house probably a mess but both children in tact, healthy and happy.. see “mumfection.” Now of course this isn’t the first time I have used this beautiful word before, when I was not yet pregnant with my second I had managed to run and at home daycare to which I dubbed the name “Mumfection.”

Now back to business, I wanted to create this blog for a number of reasons. To reclaim my identity, to reconnect with myself on several different levels, and to make my short term goals more attainable. I figure letting the world know about my life would in fact help me improve myself.. who knows.. i’ll tell you if it works. I am happy to meet you, and I greatly look forward to speaking with you again about the many idiotic, trivial, exciting, boring things that I get up to on a regular basis!

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  1. Hi! I saw you following my blog and came to check yours out. TWENTY TWO! Wow…you are brave. I’m 26 and the first isn’t quite on the horizon yet, this definitely looks like a good place for realistic ideas! Started at your oldest post and working my way forward, nice to meet you, you are gorgeous, and ‘mumfection’ sounds fantastic.

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