My eldest son ADORES this show, so much that I have been forced to go out and buy DVDs of it so I can have it on call in case of a meltdown; just as I have episodes of “In the Night Garden,” as well.  Out of the two years of life that he has had and that I have been forced to watch this show.

I just have one question…  

Is “Toopy” a boy or a girl?

Now there are a lot of issues with this show; one being the mouse “Toopy” is way larger than “binoo” who is what looks to be a stuffed cat toy that comes to life… kinda like Hobbes I assume.  Two being that you can’t quite tell if Toopy is a boy or a girl.  Sounds like a boy, has a boy like shirt on, but when you remove this shirt what is under it is a little tank top like thing that is blue… BUT it has a pink bow on it… still confused at this point.  

Then they go and have him/her dressing up as a princess, mermaid, knights both male and female roles are being played by this mouse and I cannot handle not knowing EXACTLY what “toopy” is.  So I e-mailed the creators or close to them to try and find the answers.

What did I find??

An empty inbox and no answers but a pretty good hunch that Toopy is clearly a boy.  And while I’m asking these silly questions… where are max and Ruby’s parents??! 

How come I ONLY see their grandmother and EVERY other parent or adult in the show?  

Why is Ruby doing everything for max?? 

Is she an emancipated 6 and a half year old?!?!  (I only know her age cause of the episode with Roger where they made a big deal out of him being 7.) 

Are they working in some far off country??  

Why can’t they help them get to the bus on time??  

Why is Ruby making every meal??  
Especially when you know for a fact that Grandma there lives in a completely different house.  

Would it be so hard to draw at least ONE more character??  
Could be a single parent that works all day but even they would be seen at bath time!! 

Maybe she killed them… 

Just some food for thought, a small rant of pretty much no interest… BUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH KIDS SHOWS!!?!!?!


  1. I have asked all my Twitter followers what the hell Toopy and Binoo are and nobody seems to know. I THINK Toopy is a male kangaroo or something and Binoo is a stuffed cat or flea.

    Nobody knows.

  2. ROFL!!! that is awesome! Toopy is a mouse who may or may not be male lol (e-mail the company; hes male… but loves to dress as a princess, bo-peep, mermaid etc..). Binoo is a stuffed cat who is smaller than Toopy (why a mouse has a stuffed cat for a toy i don’t know) and toopy sings as he says “loves songs” to him. Strange… confusing… but my little boys love it… I even went to a live show they did. My braincells were slowly being murdered the whole way threw AND toopy binoo have bodygaurds… who knew!

  3. Thank you! These very questions being asked here have been a great interest of mine, We just got into this conversation/debate.. as was I forced to get the toopy/binoo movies for my children. I guess I would have to say they would be of equal gender, neither if you might. Leaving the roles open, teaching kids that theres no shame in a little girl playing with monster trucks, or remote control cars, as is there no problem with boys playing dress up. As for max and ruby.. Good question!

  4. My son was just watching this & Toopy referred to Binoo as he. I had to google this because my son wanted to know if Binoo was a girl. The show on now is Max & Ruby and it bugs the heck out of me where their parents are … There is a picture of them with the kids above couch. I was also thinking the parents aren’t in because the kids watching just want to see M & R who they can relate to. I have also come to the conclusion I watch way too many cartoons & put too much thought into where are M & R’s parents are and why does the little girl Manon live on the farm without parents. Have to like her little goth/Emo dress lol Well you can’t say I’m not interested in what my son views!

  5. jeje I have also wondered if t & b are boys or girls, I was confused when I saw them dressed as princesses?? so I accidently said hey why are they dressed like girls??? oops jaja and my little guy and his friend gave me a serious look and said its because they want to be really really funny but they are boys….jejeje

    and about m & r……yes where are their parents? my son has asked me mom where are their parents??? I dont have an answer jaja

  6. Every single question you listed in your post, I have and myself them also!! I literally just said to my boyfriend yesterday for 10th time “Where ar3ax & Ruby’s Parents!?”
    As far as Toopy & Binoo… My 2 year daughter stops the hands of time for Toopy & Binoo. There’s so much to say… Lol. What is with his tail? I could go on forever.

  7. Apparently max and ruby do have parents but they are not seen because the creators wanted to show kids how to be independent….which is god except they should be at least seen in some episodes, and like ruby can’t do everything by herself or she will teach every 6 to do everything on there own. As for toopy and bino I’m still confused… And I think toopy is more confused than all of us lol

  8. I can’t stand this show, but my son lives it. I think it’s very confusing for children, it must be if we as frown adults are confused lol. Toopy looks like a boy to me, and I wasn’t sue about binoo, until I saw an episode where toopy referred to him as “HE” so they are both boys…. That put on lipstick and dress up as girls….. And as for ruby, me and my sister always joke that she must be a teen mom or something lol cause like u said there r never any parents…. Very confusing indeed..

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