Remember how easy it was to make friends back in high school??  Rember how many friends that you had back then??  I am not saying that I am not friends with these people anymore but we are just all over the map.  And by all over the map I honestly mean all over the map, and I am proud of EVERY one of them for doing what they are doing!!  Anyhoo… sorry for trailing off there slightly.  Since becoming a young mother I have found it so hard to MAKE and KEEP friends.  I have no idea what it is about people in this area, young parents in general or w/e it may be I just can’t seem to get along with anyone for very long these days.  Maybe I have “commitment issues” when it comes to friendships, maybe I get the feeling of being smothered or perhaps the commitment is just too great for me… or maybe I just have the attention spane of a goldfish and can’t seem to be able to complete my side of the friendship bargain.  Whatever it is, its irritating and lonely.  Not only do I not have friends that I meet up with regularly, but I also don’t have any parent friends; meaning my son has no kid friends.  Now I can see that my son is craving this other child interaction which is why i had started doing the in home daycare thing.  Needless to say, I then got pregnant and we moved into a smaller place so that stopped sooner than planned.  I went to that group “SMILE” for a while to only realize that I feel uncomfortable and judged when I go there, plus my eldest son has taken it upon himself to refuse to use our double stroller and unfortunately wont walk short or long distances and I can’t possibly push two strollers at once.  Though the thought is very amusing and I bet would be a great show for the busy car owning public.  

So I am putting up this wanted ad in search for kindred spirits, local moms, lonely toddlers to save me from my tiring lonely life!  

I never knew that in my life I would be having to go out of my way to make friends.  Like I was saying before friends were so easy to come by back in the day… why is it so hard now???  Is it so hard to strike up a conversation with someone in the super market??  Is it that strange to exchange e-mails even if you have only known or talked to one another for a couple minutes??  Why am I the only person in the world that doesn’t get approached or asked out for coffee???   Do I look that stressed and awful when I am out in public??!!  WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO PLEASE YOU !!?!?!??! 

In the end at least i’m glad my family has eachother, cause good solid relationships are hard to find, make and keep…. 

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