This summer has really be beautiful so far, especially with it starting so early!  Granted I am not usually one to love playing out in the sun; as I hate to be hot, but I have been really enjoying myself.  But not everything is great about summer… for instance; “immodestly” dressed females.  Now, don’t get me wrong, when I had that kind of body i dressed the same way, I bet if i still did look that way i would still be dressing the same, but honestly cover up.  There are many great ways to look amazing without flaunting off half your body… swim suites obviously do not count here.

Now, for those of you who know me etc, I know what you are saying “your a hypocrite with those boobie shirts of yours!”  Well let me tell you this… how long have you seen me wearing those clothes??  Since before I was pregnant??  Well guess why i still wear those things people!  I CAN’T AFFORD NEW CLOTHING!  Honestly I literally have ZERO budget for it after my second son was born I was down to ONE small bra that was falling apart since I couldn’t afford any new ones till just recently… but only cause it was EMERGENCY.  Now as all mothers know, we do put ourselves on the back burner… but i think this is just getting stupid.  I have not one item of clothing that fits me properly and everything I own has been mended multiple times.  I am hunting for hand-me-downs, as i know I wont be able to afford clothes for myself anytime in the near or distant future.

 I apologize for using this site as a soapbox for myself, it just “seams” lol, as though I have nothing else to write about.  My kids are healthy and driving me nuts, my husband is healthy and driving me to the loony bin and I myself have nearly lost my sanity.  What more can I say?  Other than… I NEED CLOTHES… sometime in the near future I will have nothing left but undies and my four new bras… *sigh*

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