Last night my hubby and I went on a “date night” to a comedy club.  Now, for those of you who know us, you would know that the hubby and I have had trouble finding something to do with one another, that we like, have a great time doing whilst alone together.  Last night we found it!  Hubby picked out a local comedy club in the downtown Vancouver area and decided on “The Comedy Mix” where the headliner was “Joe Mande” who we had apparently seen on comedy central though i couldn’t recall that. 

Once we had arrived downtown rain had only just started spitting from the heavens, not to mention a whole block was being blocked off cause of ANOTHER gas leak at the building across from the Sheraton.  Anyhoo we had sometime to kill so we decided to “prep” for the show and walk threw the Davie st. Community Garden which i didn’t know they had and I just loved it, very cute very eclectic!  

After that we headed into our first comedy club experience!  We got seated in the second row right in the middle of the stage (no reservations might I add), right next to local celebrity “Fiona Forbes” who I loved on BT when I first started watching her back in high school.  I was just blown away!!  Anyways the filler comedians prior to the headliner were great!  ALL were funny especially the announcer, he really made the show!  Though he chose to pick on a young couple getting married who were actually high school sweethearts; saying they were too young yadda yadda yadda; here I am thinking, well hell you should have talked to me lol!  He would have had way better material or at least a more surprised look on his face!  Anyway two buckets of beer later, no dinner and a small tease of a snack we were about to exit when…..


I am not talking just regular pouring here, this was sheets of rain.  Now my hubby being the gentleman said we should call a cab to the bus and I said F NO cause I’m cheap lol.  So I started running got a block and stopped in the doorway of a church while hubby had a cigarette when… some other poor soaked bastard came up to us and was telling us how he has to walk 10 more blocks in the rain, which put our measly walk into perspective and we just booked it, soaking wet, laughing our butts off and stopping at every undercover spot we could to take a breather… it was more fun that I have had in a really long time.  I can honestly say i have never enjoyed the rain so much in my life… Thank you my hubby!!  So if you are ever looking for a great time with your hubby i suggest a comedy club, on a rainy night with No umbrella!!’

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