So my eldest little brat (lol) is turning three this October (four days after my birthday might i add) and I have my heart set on planning something really amazing for him.  This will be the first birthday party since my youngest was born and I really want to show him how special he is!  Now with his birthday being just a baby step away from Halloween the costume idea is kinda obvious, but unfortunately for my child he knows a lot more older ppl (grown-ups) compared to kids.  I would hate to have about five kids here and only they are in costumes + myself cause well i’m the host i’d have to dress up.  My hubby wont dress up for Halloween for any circumstance as he is still dedicated to think that hes “too cool” to do so.  So i’m pretty sure costumes are a waste of my time and will add absolutely nothing to his birthday.  I then thought to myself well since I can’t really think of anything maybe i can book a place to have a party.  Well let me tell you there are not very many places you can book a party for a three year old and have them actually enjoy themselves, at least not in my area.  So I told myself that hes still a little young to be booking parties anywhere and thought maybe I would hire an entertainer… choices are endless, cheesy and tacky all round so i am now at a loss.  I think my budget will go to silly martha stewart crafts that add a little something extra special and i’ll pray to God that I can find the “dirt worm” cake i have been looking for my whole life since my gr.3 class birthday party lol!!

These will be the loot bags i will be making (i hope i will be making anyways).  Let me know what you think!!!

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  1. Visiting from bloggy moms… I like the loot bags, very creative. Post pictures of the finished product. 🙂

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