Alright I know how this could be seen as slightly inappropriate etc; but honestly to ban it??! Honestly… why is everyone freaking out over some chest. Did the same people who throw stones; honestly probably were pro-breast feeding in public?! Why on earth is this so offensive when teenage girls are walking out in this world; in the same taste if not worse! I have yet to see how anyone’s opinion could possibly get this pulled in anyway; honestly have we gotten so uptight?? What happened if every tight-bummed North American woke up tomorrow in Europe. As much as I love how you are desperately trying to protect our kids… how about protecting them from your teenage daughters!!  Focus on your own family and do what any other reasonable parent would do and just turn the TV off. 


  1. well said, eschelle!

    really nice blog you have here!

    following you from the SAHM group in Bloggy Moms. welcome to the group!

  2. I don’t think anyone in the Sesame Street crowd noticed any cleavage…besides, it was just dress-up clothes 🙂

  3. if Elmo has no problem with it I don’t, plus i love how she was poking fun at her own Hot n cold video!

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