Bluse Wine

It has been all about Rose these last couple of Summers but this year there was something out there that was taking 2018 by storm: Bluse Wine from Naked Grape. This Summer their Bluse was flying off the shelves and with it only being a seasonal wine I bet is already out of stock most places.

I highly suggest calling around to find a bottle, cause this wine is GOOD!

It is such a nice smooth sweet wine that I can’t speak more highly of, especially for entertaining. If you want to add a great wow factor or simple signature drink this is definitely my new #1 go to! 

But there is bad news…. this is only a seasonal wine. There is a silver lining to that though, there is still some left at a few stores from what I have seen via my research online. So you can still get out there and get your hands on some for whatever you might need it for. It could be a great fun drink to offer people entering any party.

Naked Grape Blue is beautifully sweet and filled with tropical flavors like mango, pineapple and a little blueberry. It is a lovely fruit combination that goes together so well. For those of you who aren’t fans of super sweet wines have no fear this isn’t too sweet you can’t enjoy a glass, it is a great balance. This wine will open up amazing recipe ideas of cocktails and creative sangrias, in fact I have a great Bluse sangria idea below for you.


If you try out the Sangria above please let me know how much you loved it, I would love to hear how much you enjoyed my creation.

Tell me, how would you enjoy a cool sweet glass of this Bluse wine from Naked Grape?


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