This blog is in response to my previous blog about my soon to be three year old’s birthday party!  Since then I have figured out the theme to the party and it will be pumpkins!  So since my little man has a big attachment to a certain blue blanket I have chosen to name the event “The Great Pumpkin Bash!”  There will be pumpkin EVERYTHING!  I am going to make a “put the stem on the pumpkin game” maybe or a big balloon pumpkin up on the wall.  I will be buying a good share of pumpkins for the party so I will have to get my carve on hardcore!  Unfortunately I am not very good at carving pumpkins.. at least not in a crazy artistic way like i have seen in the past.  Some people can really turn a pumpkin into a piece of art its remarkable!  Anyways…. continuing… I wanted to ask you for some of your ideas.  Maybe you have a really cute idea that you think would really add to the party; please share! 

For the cake I have it in my head that I want to either make a dirt worm cake for him OR i will lazy out and order a pumpkin shaped cake from good bakery in my area.  So we shall see.

too much??

I also saw this costume that I am SSOOO tempted to get him but i highly doubt he will keep the head on… but hes blonde so maybe it wouldn’t matter as long as he had the rest of the costume.  Your thoughts??!! Also I promise to post up the finished product on those loot bags as requested!

~on another note~  
A dear dear old friend of mine has made me a button!! Finally i am not the only blogger in this world without one!  I am so happy with it I love it dearly so here it is!! I would really appreciate it if you shared it with your friends!  I am also excited to now be able to be apart of a button exchange somewhere, anyone know any good ones??

lovely right?!?!


  1. First of all, I love the button. Your friend did an awesome job! 🙂

    I don’t really have suggestions for the pumpkin party… I haven’t really thrown a children’s party before. Throwing one next year for Nadine’s first is actually stressing me out as early as now. Haha. But if I do think of something (or see a cool idea), I will let you know.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos of the loot bags! 🙂

  2. my sister is the queen party planner…i keep telling her to get a blog but with 4 boys it’s nearly impossible…i should do one for her:) the name of the party is great….can’t wait to see the pics from this blast:)

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