Bored Kids

First things first. The school where your child has enrolled in plays a huge factor in whether he should succeed academically and beyond the classroom. While most Singaporean schools offer superior curriculum and other learning methods, it’s important that you choose one that harmonizes with your child’s unique way of learning style.

Preparing your child every day for school

A nutritious breakfast. Basic, yes. But is it applied every day? Eating nutritious breakfast in an absolute must for growing kids and students to jumpstart their day and allow them to perform academically and physically at school – remove it from the equation and you have a slow, bored, and easily irritated kid. Kids who eat healthy breakfast are less likely to be absent and seldom go to the school nurse for any illness.

Attention span, concentration and memory are boosted with breakfast foods that have plenty of fiber, whole grains, protein and low sugar meals.

Simple Ways To Help Your Child Excel in School

Right amount of sleep. Enough sleep will allow a student to give his best in school. Lack of which leads to lackluster performance and even a host of illness from the lowered immune system. School-age kids need around 10-12 hours of sleep every night. Be sure to leave enough time before bed to let your kid unwind before light outs. Limit stimulating diversions like video games, TV, and other activities.

Know how your child is doing in school

Don’t focus on A’s. You should encourage your child to do their best while accepting that their best won’t always lead to an A, and that’s fine if the child is doing his best. Letting go and appreciating every child’s uniqueness is understandably difficult for parents to achieve, but it’s vital for the child’s sake. Not everything will be easy for your child. He or she will naturally show interest in some subjects while needing assistance with others – and that’s where you can help.

Simple Ways To Help Your Child Excel in School

Be proactive with their studies. Assess their assignment book and ask them about their topics at school, scan their textbooks and meet with their teachers. You can also ask your child’s teacher if you’re allowed to help occasionally in the classroom. This lets you observe your child in their academic and social setting while assisting the teacher.

Enroll your child in the best school. It’s true that when everything else fails, education will not – it’s a legacy from you that can never be taken away from your child. You might not be the richest parents in town or have millions in the bank to leave your kids but enrolling them in the best international school Singapore has to offer paves the way to a bright future.

Why go with international schools in Singapore? Aside from generally better curriculum and facilities, international schools are specially created for kids of expat parents and overall diversity, allowing your kids not only to excel academically but also in emotional and social skills. These are things adulthood needs.

Lastly, note that the most successful students are those who are allowed to be responsible, reliable and organized via trial and error. Oftentimes the best life lessons are those that come from failures or learning when something shouldn’t be done. Don’t always do your child’s work for them as this will deny the student the experience that he needs, the responsibility of taking care of an assignment as well as the satisfaction that comes after completing the task.

There you have it. Don’t forget that as their parent, you innately know what’s best for your child, so tailor advises to what works best for them. Best of luck!

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