so i was unsure exactly what to write today, as I am still not 100% etc..  So i decided to try out one of these Wednesday theme thingies as I have never done one before and I thought it would be fun and interesting way for you to get a little bit about me!  So here goes nothing, wish me luck 😀

1.) What is your greatest fear if any.
 This one is a hard one as I have many fears lol!!  the fear that I will end up EXACTLY like my mother in EVERYWAY!  Not that I look down on anything my mother did or any of the choices she made.  I just personally don’t want to end up a single mother with two kids on welfare, an alcoholic, paranoid schizophrenic, manic depressant etc.. etc.. etc.. 

2.) Coffee, Tea or Cappuccino.
In the morning coffee but out of principle I will pick tea as it suggests a lot more lovely memories for me 🙂 

3.) Do you bend over backwards to lend money to family/friends.
I wish that I had the income to do that; when i have it I will help but my family comes first… especially when all my friends are single and have NO KIDS!.   

4.) Reader, Writer or Both
I want to read more, can’t manage to make the time so i would have to say writer lol.  I have lots of silly little things written everywhere.   I also have a deviantart account that displays my photography and poetry.  All the poetry on there was mostly written when i was back in high school (i’ve had the account for about seven or so years now).

5.) If you could go anywhere to escape, where would you go.
back in time to my mommy :(.  If i had to choose a vacation spot it would be India as I think I would have the chance to find myself there.  
6.) Do you sleep with a flat or fat pillow.
squishier the better!!  i deeply miss my goose down pillows that my father stole from me…. yes that douche face took his daughters pillows after he got us evicted from Horseshoe Bay… good times ppl, good times. 
7.) How many times a week do you have sex.
more than i want to be… I used to have it EVERYDAY multiple times and that was by choice… since the kids though poor hubby has to try really hard so its down to about four times a week.  Dr. Oz says thats good! 
8.) How well do you deal with confrontation.
 not well at all, i hate it, i would rather hide in a dark corner and dissolve into a pool of pus.  nice image eh?? 
well there you have it ladies here are my questions if you want to carry this out next wednesday if your strugglin’ too!!
1) what is your favorite household chore??
2) What is your most regrettable moment in your life?
3) what was the most breathtaking moment of your life?
4) Why do you love yourself, or why don’t you love yourself?
5) If you were to be ANY super villian ever in imagination who would that person be, why, and what can they do??
6) you are a cat, what is your favorite thing to do to bother your owners??
7) Your child asks you in the middle of a super market line up “what’s sex?” what do you say?
8) is sex a chore to you??! 


  1. OMG, glad to know I am not the only one dreaming to go to India more than anywhere else! I am also with you on the coffee/tea and pillows! I actually would’ve answered these questions almost the same way you did, lol! Cheers!

  2. Is there such thing as a favorite household chore??? LOL
    And when I´ll deal with confrontation I´ll join you in the dark corner…

  3. no but there are ones we hate less?!! lol! confrontation sucks! 😀

    happy to see a new visitor!

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