my friend is second from the left. 
I wanted to take the time today to “feature” something or someone I find special and worth talking or bragging about lol!  Today, as my VERY FIRST “feature”, I wanted to introduce you to my girlfriends band.  Now I have known this girl for the majority of the best years of my life and I love her dearly and she honestly is one of the most naturally talented ppl I know.  She can belt out a song just like a Aretha, back in the R&B band days.  Shes truly amazing and blessed.

just to be embarrassing there she is at my 13th birthday party.  Shes in the red with the hat.  Director of their music video is the boy on farthest right.  I still have that collection of poems you gave me in my keepsakes box :D!
So here we are years after high school and I am proud to say that she is still pursuing her talents and she has come together to create a group called “The Belle Game.”  Their music is lovely and unique and her voice just rings out, I get so giddy just listening to it!!  I am so impressed and honored to know her truly.   
In fact in bragging about her I even get the chance to brag about another friend of mine who i was convinced would one day become a director.  He in fact made their music video which i just loved and here it is!

shoulders & turns – the belle game (hd) from jeffrey zablotny on Vimeo.

I hope you love it as much as I do!!! They are great!!!


  1. Your welcome they are really great 😀 i’m soo happy someone really likes em too!!

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