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Finding wedding gifts for everyone in your wedding party and your partner can be a hard thing to do. Thankfully I was given the chance to really surprise my husband, at our wedding, with a great one of a kind gift all thanks to Modern Map Art. A few months ago, way before the wedding, they approached me to do a great review and so I decided to turn it into a super special moment.

Once I figured out what I wanted I waited for it to get shipped, framed it and hide it until the wedding day. It was so hard to keep a secret but boy did it ever pay off.

Now what Modern Map Art specializes in is custom star maps to commemorate special moments in peoples lives. The moment they met, their first kiss, first date, birthday or in my case my wedding day. A day I have been waiting a very long time for since I have been with my sweet baboo for 13 years, in fact we got married on our 13th wedding anniversary.

So after figuring out the exact day I wanted for my star map all I needed to do was pair it with a Doctor Who quote and choose the sizing then wait to get it ready for the big day. What quote did I choose?

“It’s like loving the stars themselves…”

Wedding GiftsI can for sure tell you one thing, he had no idea what I was going to bring out and he LOVED IT. It was so worth keeping it tight lipped all that time to be able to surprise him on our wedding day. I can’t tell you how hard it was to keep a secret for so long and now it has a gorgeous space in my home.

Wedding GiftNow we will have this to forever commemorate our wedding day all on of focal wall that displays our wedding colors: White, Gold and Navy Blue. Definitely a great way for us to remember one of the best days of our lives together.

What wedding gift did you give or get from your partner?


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