As you know from one of my previous blogs; I have a terribly busy month… and all of this chaos officially begins TODAY!  It is the first of my families THREE thanksgivings.  Tonight is my “in-laws” dinner and with that its the worst one.  I love the work they put into making everything really nice; especially ordering a turkey from Rocky’s etc.. BUT!  I hate the food; honestly its really disappointing lol.  But that makes out doing them EVERY year easier lol.  Granted they have a better display for their dinners but the food at mine is better.  I make a good stuffing not a bland dry stuffing with yucky chunks of apple in it; I make cranberry sauce myself EVERY YEAR instead of using that gel they do.  I would also like to brag that, to date, I have yet to make a turkey dry and miserable, and my gravy has a taste… not a warm tasteless mush with giblet chunks in it EEEWWW!!  I am sure some of you love to do these things but I am an ex-vegtarian so i really hate the idea of organs lol, in fact my hubby has to be the one to clean the turkey cause i find it repulsive; but i’m a big baby.

This year we will be making a 14 pound turkey, garlic mashed potatoes with green onions, brussel sprouts as always and young sweetlet peas!  I think i might also make home made biscuits to top it off!  To go with that is my gravy that so good you would willingly bathe in it, and my amazing super healthy homemade cranberry sauce.  I love making meals like this; i don’t find it stressful I ADORE it!  I love trying to out do myself EVERY year, and I usually do.  Granted I love my own personal vendetta that I have with my “in-laws” lol!

Let us take a look at some past dinners!

can you tell i forgot to take a picture before we started to eat???!! lol

my homemade cranberry sauce!

MMmmm, that turkey was soo good, and so were the hot turkey sandwiches afterwards!! I wanted to also take this time to nag you all to give me your leftover turkey ideas!!! What do you do with everything??  I was thinking this year I would take some leftovers and make some turkey salad sandwiches and feeding some homeless :); after all we should be thankful for what we have and try our best to make others thankful… even if its just for a turkey sandwich. 



  1. I shouldn’t have read this post before having dinner, I am salivating! Hahaha!

  2. its great cause you control the amount of sugar that goes into it!! all you have to do is buy a bag of fresh cranberries throw them into a pot and cook em they’ll start popping and oozing, add sugar to taste! 😀

  3. I think I’m a bad blogger because I ALWAYS forget to take pics before we eat! LOL! I have made some pretty yummy dishes but I never get to share them because the images are missing….oh well! Looks good! 🙂
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  4. hi eschelle! what a delicious-looking turkey you have there! the same goes for your homemade cranberry sauce.

    oh, what i would give for another chance to experience a thanksgiving dinner! last time i had one was in 2002 when i stayed at my relatives in San Francisco. oh, why can’t we have something like that here in the philippines? 🙁

    p.s…are you sure your in-laws do not read your blog? would hate for you to get in trouble! 🙂

  5. HAHa no they dont’ read my blog they hate me and wouldn’t bother to spend the time.. in fact when it was once mentioned by my husband I got laughed out of the room.. so ya.. if they read it great!!! they will know what a colossal failure their thanksgivings are in my eyes lol!! watch, my kids will end up loving their meals not mine!! lol

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  7. LOL – I love that you have thanksgiving pants. You’re my thanksgiving-hero. 🙂

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