So Thanksgiving for our little adopted family was brilliant!  The food was PERFECT all made by moi!  Turkey was juicy and tender, the gravy was to die for and the stuffing was insanely good!!  Everything else was of course equally as amazing.   This year i even remembered to take a picture of the turkey right out of the oven! Go me! 

my turkey MMmmm
So after eating that drinking a 40 of jager, two jugs of wine and 12 case of beer all of us are trashed and let me tell you honestly this is the only photo taken that night.  I was clearly too drunk to trust myself with my new camera lol!! Everyone loved the food we had our gf and her little sister over, our friend “Wayned”, my sisters father, then us and the kiddos.  It was lovely my little extended family all together… *sigh* how i love them.  Anyways the main reason it was so special for me to have my gf and her little sister over is because my moms last thanksgiving was with them.  We went out and bought everything for thanksgiving, went to Ashley’s house and made it all for her, her mom and her sister, while she was at work.  it was a really special memory for me and I cherish it dearly.  
Thanksgiving this year made me thankful for the family that I have created.  And for coffee… made me really thankful for coffee… 

bowl of coffee for the morning after… thank god.


  1. Yay to coffee! When hubby and I lived far away from our family a few years ago, we also were very thankful that we have created a wonderful family with friends. Thanksgivings were also spent with this “familY” and it was loads of fun. I have to admit, sometimes more fun than family thanksgivings, haha!

  2. I was so confused for a second..

    until I realized that you dont live in the U.S! I take it you’re from… canada?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you 🙂

    Cant wait for ours! I want some turkey and cranberries like NOW!!!

  3. That looks amazing darling:) how lovely! and yes for coffee…i like that cup!

  4. wow seems so strange to have had thanksgiving already! lol

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I am following you!

  5. Only reason us Canadian’s have Thanksgiving earlier is because our Harvest comes sooner than in the US. 😀

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