IY Wedding Seating Chart

When you are planning a wedding and finally get to the stage of organizing your seating chart for dinner you might start getting overwhelmed with how to display it. From all the ideas I saw out there I decided to create this DIY Wedding seating chart using an old large picture frame, some clever pic monkey editing, my new printer and a few crafting supplies I already had around the house.

Once I had my family and friends organized the best way I could organizing them into tables I had a couple things to consider:


Despite what you think this is super important, you want something elegant and easy to read for varying eyesight levels. For my seating chart I went with the simple font Sacramento which is free with pic monkey.


Again you want to consider the size of your chart, how big the font needs to be to still be readable, border size, and the sizing of each card including your title. This took a little guess work for me but I managed to get it just right in the end with border included and considered.


I made my seating chart with the idea that if there needed to be a change I wouldn’t be stuck recreating the entire thing. At best I would need to alter and replace a couple of the table cards making it easy to change in case of a seating emergency. If there is one thing you want is a little flexibility when things go wrong. Of course having been able to do these up and print them on my new amazing high quality Epson printer made it is even easier to change since I wouldn’t have to take anything to a professional printers.

sixteensixteen  backdrops
One of the guests liked it so much they snatched their table before the photographer got there!

In the end it worked out great for under $15 dollars, it was a great display and one of my favorite pieces at my wedding!

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