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Wedding Planning is a big whirl wind and throughout the process, and by the end of it, I had learned a few things about myself, those around me and what not to do… not that I will have a chance for a redo. So in order to help prevent the feeling of regret, in the same way I feel now that the day has passed, for another bride I thought I would put something together highlighting what NOT to do: what I learned from my wedding.

Not Delegate Tasks to the Wedding Party

Weddings are a lot of work and you are going to find out quickly that you are going to need help. It is okay to ask for help and your wedding party, who have agreed to the job, have tasks they can do to help. What you need to do is actually delegate those tasks to them in a timely manner… not a month before the wedding when your soon to be hubby has bothered to bring it up. Plan ahead, take the time and get on those helpers for that help you are going to need it!

Not Hire Professionals

I cannot stress enough how stressful your big day will be so doing your best to hire as many professionals to help you out as you can. It is worth every penny you will spend and or cost you pennies if you don’t either by going over budget or not getting what you ask for. You get what you pay for, make sure you are going to get an ROI and do your research, don’t leave the biggest day of your life in the hands of “maybes” and empty promises of others.

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Expecting too Much of Others

I quickly realized, too late of course, that I might have put too much on and expected too much from friends helping out. We had agreed on so many amazing things, had great ideas but in the end I was deeply disappointed, slightly embarrassed and felt lied to. Hire those professionals, sign those contracts and make sure they have the ability to pull it off or admit they can’t and give you a chance to hire replacements.

Let Others Guilt You

It is your day there is not one moment in the planning process that you should feel guilty about any of the choices you want to make for your big day. If you want kids at the wedding have them don’t let someone’s low opinion of kids affect how you want to share the love on your day. If you expect someone to do a job and they don’t perform the task then you don’t have to feel guilty about being upset at them. The only thing you can feel guilty about is making your partner feel unheard or spending too much money based on your budget. Don’t let your friendships with others cloud your judgement on who to help with your wedding – if you do you will end up I an unhappy friendship filled with resentment.

In the end, know when to ask for help, hire professionals and don’t let your personal relationships cloud your judgement – you will regret it.

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