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I have thrown many a party for my boys. I have put parties on at bowling alley’s, at air parks, at parks and even at my own house. Parties are a natural part of life when you have kids, but up until recently I hadn’t considered something: kids with IBS symptoms.

I know. Not something you would normally think about, but it was brought to my attention by a mother that her son suffers from IBS symptoms. Making parties a little more challenging sometimes for him than for others, but that he desperately wanted to be apart of the group.

That is when two moms got to talking. I had gone above and beyond before for other kids and this is just one of those times where I needed to adjust because every little kid deserves to have a good time at any birthday party. It also broke my little heart to hear this kid would avoid parties usually because of his IBS symptoms.

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Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

For those of you who don’t know IBS is a common disorder that affects lower intestine which can cause quite a bit of abdominal cramping, pain, bloating and a few other things we don’t need to highlight here. It can really get in the way from time to time and there are a few things we can do to help make it easier.  Most of that has to do with food and doing your best to include an IBS friendly menu to help prevent issues and flare ups at the party.

Foods to avoid serving at an IBS conscience party

Broccoli – when you are making that veggie platter skip out on the broccoli.
Cauliflower – don’t think that because you skipped the broccoli that you can replace it with its cousin, sadly this is on the no go list too.
Cabbages – Not that the kids will complain but avoid cabbages of any kind, including brussel sprouts.
Green Peppers – If you have BBQ and kebabs in mind or Pizza make sure green peppers are out of the mix.
Corn – Thinking of doing a corn or crab bake? Then definitely rethink the corn as it can definitely be a trigger.
Beans – beans are not something you want to have as a focus item at your party if you know there are IBS sufferers there. Making sure to have different options available is key if you have a bean focused menu.
Cheese – This isn’t much of a shocker but make sure you have diary free cheese options around for those with IBS as it can be one major weakness and cause of IBS symptoms and their flare ups.

With the mom and I working together on an IBS friendly menu and her making sure she has everything she needs from The Independent Pharmacy we are hoping her and her little one will be having a great time at the upcoming party!

Have you ever had to create an IBS symptoms focused menu?



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