What a dull day… I have been bored all day with my hubby out and about getting us groceries and all that.  Just me and the kids and a lot of mess.  You can imagine how I have been running around the house all day trying to entertain myself whilst cleaning… you wanna know what I do>??  I sing.  ALOT.  I am a music whore lol, and I love a good song i can sing along too.  Needless to say the majority of the time i am indulging in my guilty music pleasure.  Musicals.  I love em… practically all of them.  Of course I rarely do this sort of thing when people are around in my house as who wants to see an un-showered mother cleaning her house in her pjs while singing her heart out.  Of course, too me, I would like to think that i have an alright voice; i am not by any means amazing but i’m better than a dying cat which is how my father used to describe it when i was in high school.  I proved to him i have a lovely voice when i got into musical theatre at school so :p to you, you piss head!  

Anyway, I found that today I have been especially attached to the song “defying Gravity” from the “Wicked” musical.  

This is sung by the woman who has also been in rent as “Maureen” in both the Broadway version and movie!  As well as she is the “Vocal Adrenaline” coach in the show i’m addicted to Glee… yes that means i’m a Gleek.  Anyhoo.. I dearly love this musical, and i adored the book which was an unstoppable read all about how the wicked witch of the west ended up as who she is… worst part is you agree with Elphaba the whole book… guess that means i’m a wicked witch!  



  1. I’m going as the Wicked Witch this year…can’t wait (although it will be quite a stretch for me). lol

    aka The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

  2. I am big on musicals too… one of my faves is INTO THE WOODS… its quite dorky, have you heard of it? I missed Wicked when it was showing in our area. 🙁

  3. I have always, always wanted to see Wicked! 🙁 I have a bunch of their songs on my ipod and I still haven’t ever seen it.

  4. ditto i haven’t ever had a chance to see it either… but i did see Les Mis. and I was fourth row center :D! When Jean val Jean sings that prayer songs I honestly held my breath it was amazing!

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