So after my horribly dull day yesterday I managed to muster up the courage to drag the family down to a pumpkin patch.  It was a first for EVERYONE in the family and ironically i think i ended up having the most fun lol; although youngest was very happy and content the whole venture.  We went down to Laity Pumpkin Patch ALL the way out in Maple Ridge (which is far for me).  Anyway it started out with a long drive which went alright.  Then we arrived and paid out $9.00 for everyone and headed on in.

It was crowded of course on this gorgeous sunny day and even more so cause yesterday was dry so everyone and all their extended family had come out to this farm.  This is probably the biggest amount of land I have ever seen, but i don’t spend a lot of time on farms; this place had something to do everywhere you went.  First we started out by taking a look at some animals.

Lawrence told me to take this photo as apparently bunnies were the best lol; especially that HUGE grey one in the back.

We then went over to check out the little forest filled with cartoon characters, pirate ships, frontier villes, and gnome tea parties. Oh yes and the Dinosaurs lol, can’t forget the: “big, heaby dinosour.” as my eldest would say.

Daddy and son playing pirates
My little elf with the elves.
I just had to show em again i loved them so much they were my favorite lol!!

After this LONG ordeal (it was very cramped and there were tons of strollers and MILLIONS of kids running around in chaos), we managed to get out and finally head over to the pumpkin patch!!

Eldest posing for one second lol!!
reluctantly stopping for a photo on a pumpkin.

This was the moment of death.  It took us ten minutes to convince him nicely to sit down on this pumpkin and this is the best photo i got of his face… thank you child. 

youngest sitting with the pumpkins.
cute please pick me up face lol.

And after Daddy had taken about and hour to find three perfect pumpkins and to walk the ENTIRE 13 acre pumpkin patch we finally decided to take a couple tractor rides.  It was lame, only went in a circle but Eldest had fun taking a ride, youngest was un-moved lol.

trying to take a quick snap while riding the tractor.
Eldest enjoying the ride!

And that was my long day… after eating and four timeouts we made it home alive and EXHAUSTED…. now I am making my world famous and orgasmic-ally good Roast Beef dinner for us AND company.  Its honestly amazing how much i’ve had to do today vs yesterday lol.  Great day all in all though. 



  1. LOVE the photos and the storytelling! It looks like one uber-fun day. LOL on the please pick me up face! Too CUTE!!! I am so jealous, we were supposed to go to the local pumpkin patch too today (just a regular patch, nothing grand like that place, haha), but it rained on us so we just stayed indoors the whole day. Pfffft.

  2. oh thanks!! It was great fun with a couple hiccups but it worked out. And don’t worry you still have a little bit more time before Halloween.

  3. I have two boys under the age of 5! I never knew how meaningful my life would become because of them! I am so blessed.

  4. what a great day! love the place you went to…wish we had some cooler weather:(

  5. what great photos and story-telling, mommy eschelle!

    i hope that you would also post your “orgasmically good” roast beef recipe here next! (so that i may copy and try it out for my family..hehe).

  6. Great photos! I would love to go to a pumpkin patch but we don´t have any here, at least not pumpkin type. 🙁

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