Alright from my last post I got a request for this recipe and I am more than happy to share it, even though its not really a recipe but i’ll give you the step by step on what i do.

So for you Mama mia the recipes:


  1. Take yummy chunk of meat cut up a few garlic cloves and insert them into the roast in different areas. 
  2. Cover the outside in salt, pepper and rosemary, pour one regular mug full of hot water and two beef oxo packages into the roasting pan.  DO NOT add veggies to the raosting pan otherwise you will not have sufficient supplies for your gravy later.  Do veg separately. 
  3. put into oven at 350; baste regularly; and if you have it, add a chunk of sewit to the top of it for added moisture and yumminess 


  1. take two rounded tbsp of flour and about equal parts butter or margarine to a pot and mix together. 
  2. Take the juices from the bottom of the roasting pan to this and stir till incorporated; YES it will be thicker than you want it at this point.  
  3. In mug like before take another two beef oxo’s with hot water and then add this to the mix in the pot and stir.  Thickness at this point is up to you if you need it thinner add milk till its just right; if it too thin add a mixture of cornstarch and milk to it and it will thicken again within a couple minutes; add salt and pepper to taste and add the blood from carving the roast and you’re done.  

 I can only hope that your roasts will end up similar to mine; like i said i don’t really have a recipe i’ve just been making it since forever.  I apparently have a really good talent for pumping out roast dinners; it would have to honestly be my signature dish at this point.

after 30 min in the oven… sorry i ate everything before realizing i needed “finished” pictures lol!!



  1. Sounds delicious; I’ll have to give it a try!

  2. How I wish I have your patience in the kitchen. This looks delish!

  3. omg it is really good; just make sure you taste the gravy lots to get it JUST right lol; if its bland add another oxo but with enough drippings and BLOOD you shouldn’t have to work those instructions TOO much 😀

  4. How much do you want to be my chef!?) even if it’s just for a day!:)

  5. lol!! Vic i would jump on that in a heartbeat i love cooking for ppl lol. Too bad we don’t live closer 🙁 *tears*

  6. thanks for stopping by i linked this one up to your whats cooking wednesday!

  7. mmmmm that looks so good… we just had roast tonight. I wish I would have seen this sooner! I’ll have to try this next time.

  8. What’s the cook time that you usually do?

    1. Author

      depends on how big your roast is to be honest I would do approx. 1/2hr/pound find a great meat thermometer to ensure you don’t over cook it 🙂 give it lots of love

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