okay i know this is tedious as many of you have heard a crap load about my planning for this silly childs party that I have coming up.  BUT I have to continue as i seem to lack any other fun interesting information.  So here goes; today I think i have finally finished buying all decor supplies for the party, with the exception of the pumpkins which will be costly as my plans of a Safeway robbery are proving silly and are clearly rhetorical.  ANYWAYS… I am literally doing everything pumpkins; I have ordered a pumpkin cake which will be amazing I am sure and can only hope anyways.  I am pretty much bought every pumpkin decoration in any dollar store in order to really get the point across lol!.  I will have pumpkins hanging from the ceiling, orange balloons that i’ll draw faces onto just for kicks, gel pumpkins for the windows, pumpkin lights for one of my little windows or along the wall wherever it ends up.  I found pumpkin straws, which is awesome!  As well as these blank paper pumpkins the kids can decorate; and halloween themed colouring books which i plan to go threw and find all the best pumpkin related colour ins etc for the few kids coming out.  I have officially decided to complete the pumpkin loot bags so I have gathered the orange tissue paper and green floral tape to pull it off so i’m very excited about that.  I will even end up making other filler ones just to help cute back on the real pumpkin budget since I do already have two of em anyway.  I don’t really want to have more than 8 pumpkins since thats alot of carving to do!  I was even thinking of asking everyone to bring a pumpkin to carve and we could make a party activity out of it for both the adults and kids. 

Of course this all doesn’t mean that I am done.  I still have to assemble everything not to mention purchase the food which is going to be rough as it is!! I have also only just realized that I have to make a personal loot bag for a baby around my youngest age… what the heck do i put in a loot bag for a child that small??? Honestly.  Under $5.00 cause well the thriftier the better!  THEN I still have to go out and buy him a present; I have NO idea what to get him.  We got his grandparents to go buy him an Alfie which i am excited about.  I have to find out if they are going to be buying him the extra learning packages or not, cause i might just buy those for it so the presents go together kinda.  I am tempted to go out and find him a BBQ set cause he loves to cook and watch daddy cook on the BBQ; or hes just trying to find an excuse to be outside lol. 

Other than all that we are still anxiously waiting for his Mr. potato head costume to show up in the mail; should be hear around the 26th or so we think.  I am just so excited to take Picasso like photos of him in his costume.  I made sure to get him a reasonably big bag to carry around this year lol; of course he’ll be emptying it out periodically into the stroller but I don’t want to keep buying a new one every year so this one should be a good size until hes about 6 or so lol.  I still have to convince my hubby to dress up into a costume this year; as i said last year was the last year he could get away without having at least a LITTLE bit of a costume.  I’m trying to get him to get some nerdy fake glasses and a red bow-tie, I was gonna grab him some suspenders but the idea doesn’t seem to be sitting very well with Mr. Too-Cool.  I on the other hand have figured out my costume and it will be “Mommy- Medusa” I shall where my regular clothing, with done up make-up mask and toy snakes in my hair lol!!  I thought it quite clever and less work than “Madame- Butterfly” or “Wind.”  So there you have it folks!  THAT is how dull I am. 

I will be updating with my step by step production of making the loot-bags!  Hopefully it will be a Gong show so as to entertain you lol! 



  1. It sounds like a LOT of work! Your ideas are so creative and you are definitely doing a good job planning the event. I am excited to see how your Medusa hair will turn out. Like the loot bags, you also HAVE to share your Mommy Medusa photo! Please? lol!

  2. Party planning is always a HEADACHE for me but for some ridiculous reason, I always do it AGAIN! I guess I don’t learn or I must love it THAT much 🙂 Good luck! I was tired just reading about it! LOL!

  3. i can’t help but feel excited about this. i also can’t wait to see the photos from that party! (by the way, is it your son’s birthday and it so happened that he was born on october 31?)

    anyway, i wish you Good luck with your preparations. i hope too that the hubby will decide to wear a costume. but even if he won’t, i am sure your party will be a hit!

  4. HEHEE And no my son isn’t on Halloween BUT! HE’s really close the 29th (four days after mine!. We will be holding his party on the 30th 😀

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