* I was given Lemongrass House products and compensation for this post, all opinions are mine. *

Recently some Lemongrass House products ended up on my doorstep and I was so excited. For those of you who don’t know who Lemongrass House is they are a great local company who make amazing smell good all natural products. Perfect for anyone looking for an all natural way to stick to their routine, and bonus they even have amazing products for kids too!

With such a wide selection of great products for moms you are bound to find something perfect for you and the great items they left me to try were definitely life changers.

Lemongrass House Products
Their aromatic room & pillow spray in Fig Tea and Tangerine is one of my new favorite thing right now. It has the best most light and lifting scent I am completely obsessed and they’re made with pure essential oils, no sulphates or paraben. BONUS there is no animal testing in anyway shape or form making them almost totally guilt free.

With their great kid shampoos made from great all natural products you can sit back and let them wash up without worry. Remember the time no one was worrying about what we were bathing our bodies in? We sure have learned a lot since then and we know now that all those chemicals are not all we thought they were. Sticking to natural products as much as possible is always the best option when it comes to your health and your kids – that includes your bath products.

I have to admit the great shampoo they got I love for myself, it actually cleans my hair without leaving it feeling dry and brittle and like I need to bathe it in conditioner. It is a great clean and I can use it without conditioner if you can believe it, granted I would have to still do my weekly deep conditions don’t get me wrong.

Overall Lemongrass House’s great products, found right here in downtown Vancouver, are perfect if you are looking for a great all natural replacement to the beauty products/bathroom products you already use around your home.


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