Vancouver Aquarium

Have you heard the news? The Vancouver Aquarium has some amazing new stuff for the whole family to enjoy this Summer and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. First off we have two new, and adorable, additions to our aquarium all the way from Quebec: Lakina and Balzak the Walrus pair. This adorable duo are only 2 months old, are finally getting used to all of us over here in Vancouver and they are already over 400 pounds if you can believe it! Their little tusks are just starting to show from beneath their whiskers and they are the sweetest to see up close and personal, something you can do now in their new home over at the Research Outpost having moved over from the old beluga tank.

Vancouver Aquarium

They aren’t the only new things to check out at the Vancouver Aquarium though as they now have their very first interactive art exhibit from their favorite artist/activist Douglas Copeland called Vortex. A piece used to help start the conversation around plastic and the impact plastic waste has on our environment, its animals and ultimately us here on earth. Helping adults and kids alike see the impact the everyday plastics they over use can make to even our smallest ocean species. Of course once you have learned just what kind of harm plastic can do they have a spot for you to take the plastic pledge so you can make a difference every day with their quick and easy tips!

There is more than just that to learn about though, there is also their 4D sharks movie to check out and enjoy. Covering a whole range of really cool sharks this little film will fuel that curiosity in your shark loving little ones. BONUS starting July 12th they will also have a great shark stamp program giving our kids a chance to learn more about the sharks off our very own coast line here in BC. You can learn about the 2nd largest shark in the world, how it lives here and how we also brought it to the point of extinction back in the 60s.

With so much to learn it is no wonder my boys love coming here and helping the planet by learning more about the creatures that live on it and how we can help them.

Education is the first step to a better future for humans and animals alike, so make sure to take the time to visit this Summer and check out their membership options for great family savings!


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