Fun Outdoor Activities

You can find yourself overwhelmed with the pressure of juggling work and family commitments, not to mention the stress of living in the city like congestion, high cost of living, and traffic jams. Your kids aren’t fairing any better with the pressure of school work. You need to create time to wind down every so often to prevent your stress levels from reaching unhealthy levels, and what better way to relax than to spend time outdoors as a family.

Going outdoors has been shown to boost happiness, creativity and problem-solving skills, relieve mental fatigue, improve moods, alleviate anxiety, depression and other mental conditions, and improve physical health. Below are some fun outdoor activities to enjoy with your family.


Exercising outdoors is a double dose of goodness that generously benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise reduces your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis and helps you maintain healthy body weight as well as keeping you fit. Endorphins and other pleasure hormones are released during exercise and also when you are out in nature or spending time with your loved ones, so your body gets flooded with hormones when you work out outdoors together as a family. The results is everyone getting fitter and feeling less stressed and happier.

The exercise you engage in depends on your fitness levels and the ages of your children. You can jog, walk, go hiking, or skate for which you will need a Skateboard Backpack.


Gardening can be quite relaxing but only if you do it right. It is also a safe, good place to start teaching your kids about responsibility and how to care for other things beyond themselves. To start a garden you need to identify a suitable site and prepare it, choose plants that thrive in your area and plant them with good spacing between the crops. The real work in gardening comes in maintenance and here’s where everyone needs to be involved. A garden needs to be watered, weeded and pruned regularly for the plants to stay healthy. There are a lot of ways your kids can get involved but you should never leave young kids unsupervised in the garden.

Fun Outdoor Activities


Camping is one of the most popular and most fun outdoor activities and with good reason. It makes for a good escape from the stress of modern life, albeit temporarily, and you literally live in nature and get to put some of your survival skills into practice.

Fun Outdoor Activities

You need to identify and book your camping site in good time especially during the summer, which is peak camping season, since some grounds usually get overbooked and it may be difficult to secure entry until after a few weeks.

Family picnic

Spending time together as a family doesn’t always have to come with extravagant expenses. You can still spend some quality time together on the cheap and have a memorable day. You can make delicious home-cooked meals, pack it and go out at the local park for a family picnic.

There are so many amazing things to do outside, so get out there enjoy the outdoors and have fun exploring!


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