Summer Camps

*** This Summer Camps post is sponsored by Luvabub ***

The kids are counting down the days and us parents are mentally preparing ourselves for the start of a long Summer break. For some of us that could mean we are also preparing for a summer filled with non stop kid summer camps, sleepovers and family camping trips.

Our little ones are going to be all GO, GO, GO for the Summer and that means they are going to need a bag small enough to carry with ease but big enough to carry the essentials on their person. Since they are kids they of course want something super cool and fun to wear and us parents want something durable.

Summer Camps

Enter Luvabub bags.

These bags are some of the cutest bags I have seen online and they are a great price. Both kids and parents alike will love these bags and I find ours especially good at the beach with its harder outside it keeps your stuff safe in case it comes close to a little water. You can’t submerge your bags but they are a bit safer than your regular fabric bags. Making it especially great for little rain storms that can happen during the summer months out of nowhere – especially here in Vancouver.

Summer Camps

We chose a cute Red Mushroom bag for my youngest to use this Summer and he loves it. Not only is it adorable it is the perfect size for what he needs. Ideal for our little day trips to Science world or across the city and ideal for any Summer camp fun he might get into this year!

So if you are looking for a great and super adorable bag option for your little one check out Luvabub and their durable environmentally friendly bags – you’re kids will love them.


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