Not that any of my readers really care, cause most of you aren’t living in my province or country lol.  But this impacts me so I figure why the hell not!  My blog, i do what i want lol.

So yesterday we get shocking news that our premier Gordon Campbell is resigning.  I don’t like him so I am happy; BUT i don’t know why he did and there hasn’t been any SOLID or CONFIRMED reason for it at this point in time.  There was supposed to be another statement today but I have yet to find anything about it and again Treehouse vs. News and trust me, Treehouse wins hands down.  But i figure i would share his resignation speech that is politically ominous as always but anyhoo here it is.

Isn’t that one of the most boring speakers you’ve ever had to listen to.  I have to struggle to process every word that man says.

On an additional note I wanted to show you one of my fav blogs.  I read her daily and I love her cause of her fiery spirit; she is also one of my regular readers!  Which makes me love her more lol; so here she is I hope you love her as much as i do!



  1. I’m so glad that the elections are over! I’m not a very political person & it’s been hard on my brain this semester b/c of taking a US Gov’t course!! I hate election time because of all the negative ads that people run about their opponents! It makes me not want to vote for either of them!

    I don’t know anything about the guy you mention above, but it is kind of odd that they didn’t give a specific reason for resignation. Usually, at least around here, that is something that is publicized greatly – at least the rumors are & usually the truth comes out b/c of the rumors!

    I’ll check out the blog you mention. I know – I’m crazy for continually “following” blogs when I don’t have time to read them all! I have a hard enough time keeping up w/ our little clan! However, I love finding new blogs b/c they help me expand my horizons!

  2. LOL!! Had to come back & comment again…. see what I meant above about following too many blogs… when I went to check out the blog you posted, I discovered I had already “followed” it in the past…. oh well, guess I’m doomed since I like finding blogs!

  3. ROFL!!! that’s awesome, shes so great you already knew about her!! lol LOVE U TOO VIC!!!

    also since we are Canadian up here (and WAY too polite lol) i figure this guy is resigning in the hope that whatever scandal he is involved in will just get swept under the rug. I see this as a protective measure especially with the amount of apologies he threw out to his family.

  4. The most I’ve heard about this is that “due to voter anger” it’s making it “impossible” for his government to do their jobs and he CARES TOO MUCH about us all to continue in office.


  5. ROFL voter anger is right!! I think their heads make it impossible to do their jobs. But its easy for us to criticize we’re not trying to run a country lol.

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