PMS Symptoms

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Well, if you have been following along here on Mumfection, you know that I started a  journey last month to try and get my grumpy-pms-self back in order again. For anyone who knows me personally knows that I do struggle monthly with my energy and mood levels. So much so that it can affect my daily routine.

A sluggish-grumpy woman doesn’t make for a productive one…

This is exactly why I wanted to try out Pascofemin: a homeopathic remedy by Pascoe Natural Healthcare. This little beauty has been a daily friend of mine to help my body try to get back into its natural rhythm again. One or two of these little beauties has been accompanying me with my morning tea every day in the hopes that it will help me out with my overall monthly PMS symptoms… or battles if you will. It has been a very interesting and promising journey already and I am excited to see what will come.

So how has it been making me feel so far since I started Pascofemin daily?

Definitely on track. There have been a few very noticeable improvements to my quality in sleep which has already made a big difference in how function each and every day. I also noticed that my period wasn’t as… well… hectic which I hope is going to a regular occurrence vs. what I was experiencing prior. I went from multiple days of heaviness to one of those magical periods you used to have before kids. Magical and straight forward, filled with ZERO surprises.

Unlike the periods after kids…

PMS Symptoms

Have I noticed a change in mood?

I have noticed a difference daily due to getting a better sleep, and a mild improvement to my pms symptoms. I was a bit of an angry lady for a week prior which is usually for me – with my other wins though I will take it. It sure wasn’t nearly as bad as past months so I hope this is me on my way to feel better during that time of the month.

The sleep improvements have been wonderful and my less drastic period has been a great start to my Pascoe trial. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next!

What are things you would love to change about your monthly PMS symptoms??


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