I don’t know if it is just me, but i have had some of the worst bus driver’s in the history of this world.  Luckily I have met some of the nicest but let me get to the point here.  Yesterday whilst on the way over to a friends house, both kids packed up in the stroller hubby and I in tow.  We wait.  Wait.  Wait.

We get on the bus; only to have this particular driver pull out in urgency BEFORE myself, my eldest (who’s hand i was holding), and BEFORE hubby and the baby buggy managed to park or put on the brakes.  Of course I turned around i spoke up.  

“For future reference you are supposed to wait until the stroller is at least parked with the break on, before you speed off into traffic.”  Granted I wasn’t terribly polite but, as you know, yesterday was a really bad day to be stepping on my heels.  his response was worse.
“Usually you don’t see an empty stroller getting put on the bus while the kid is walking!”  Wait WHAT?!?!  
“Sir, I have two children, an infant AND a toddler and you didn’t wait for ANY of us to be seated, what do you do for the poor people in wheelchairs?!”  He said something rude that I can no longer remember cause i was so furious with his complete attitude not to mention TERRIBLE driving I responded: “I’ll remember to let everyone know that when they get on your bus, I’ll also be filing a complaint not that it will make a difference but at least i wont have to see your reckless driving on my route in the future!”  I was pissed, so mad that when i left the bus i turned around and gave him a dirty “how-dare-you-do-that-to-a-mother” in the hopes that he would feel guilty about doing that to his own mother.  Aahh guilt our best weapon…  
I can honestly say though I have had worse drivers and he wasn’t the only one to do that, that happens all to often… When i was pregnant it was RARE to get a seat on the bus.  Guess i’m too young 9 months pregnant doesn’t qualify you for priority seating these days.  Or how about the people on the Skytrain that think you can get off the train when they are blocking the exits/entrances trying to force their way threw you during rush hour.  They have NO CLUE.  People have to let people off the train before they can get on.  It’s as though people are brain dead, completely brain dead.  Or the people that are in perfect health carrying NOTHING heavy taking your place on the elevator.  What… the… hell.  I can’t even talk about it, its unbelievable to me how rude people really are on public transit in Vancouver.  Completely disrespectful.  

So i post this as a warning to any people traveling up my way; just take a cab, don’t bother with transit here for all the great workers there are etc, there are at least ten bad ones. 



  1. My lil brother used to live in Burnaby – while the train was OK for our visits the bus made me sick…not that we had a rude driver, just terribly Eurpean (on the gas-on the brake-on the gas-on the brake). Wasn’t it in Van too that the driver booted a mom off for her toddler crying?
    I know the world is moving more and more to digital communication, but people still need to remember how to function when face to face with real humans!

  2. I used to set up the appouitments for rides for the handicapped and our handicapped buses at a nursing home. Well I got one driver who was horrible, made an elderly cry b/c he yelled at her for holding him up. I didn’t stop my complaining until I got the president of the company and had that guy suspended.

    People have jobs and those jobs have certain protocols. If they are in a position that can harm others, then they have to be held to a higher standard. I hope you at least get him a reprimand. Maybe he’ll do his job better.

  3. worst part is those guys get suspended WITH pay. All you did was give him a vacation and something to talk about. Some are ridiculous!

  4. I can post the same warning for NYC. The bus drivers don’t care and you’re not allowed to have an open stroller on the bus here. You’ve got to manage baby and folded stroller in one hand while you pay your fare.
    I loved it when commuters on the packed train, sitting in front of me, as I, the 8 months pregnant woman stands, would ask me if I was having twins.
    At some point I got really conniving on the train and when other commuters who were sitting while i stood had the nerve to ask me how far i was, I’d say I’m two weeks late and then ask if they knew where the emergency cord was for stopping the train cause i think I’m in labor and need a paramedic. Nobody wants the train stopped during rush hour. All of a sudden I’ve got a seat and bottles of water being pushed at me.

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