My hubby and I met in a bakery as some of you know.  So we all know how amazing he is at baking, he had no idea he had the talent, it was so natural.  Anyways, my hubby tonight OUT OF THE BLUE decided to make chocolate chip cookies.  I love night time baking with my hubby.  

He look so handsome when hes baking I have no idea why.  Must just remind me of when i first met him and how girly and teenager-ish it all felt.  I love that feeling, I love being able to look at him and feel genuinely twitterpaited even though i have known him for six years and going.  I remember walking into work that day and seeing him cleaning out the fridge on his first day.  I don’t know why but I couldn’t take my eyes off him, his smile.  That smirk; I love his smirk.  DIVINE!  

But enough about his sweet cookie-ness, lets talk about his cookies.  Not only does he look perfect while making the cookies they turned out AMAZING!!
Daddy mixing em up!
Best part of night time cooking… mommy gets the spoon 😀
Mmm daddies perfect cookies
What better way to eat a cookie than with a grown up glass of milk CHEERS!
Great night with hubby, all new cartoons (yes i watch simpsons, american dad, family guy AND cleveland show.) All were brand new Halloween episodes and were EPIC!!! XXI was a great simpsons!  So goodnight everyone; i wish you all a good night and you all a great morning.  


  1. Lol your too funny. Yup it’s the opposite with us! Hubby get’s to lick the spoon! 🙂

  2. lol as long as you got the cookie bug too!!

    would have been great had he not woken up with DAS

  3. LOL!!! you are super cute!! And i don’t read you for the comments i read you cause i’m hooked to you like crack 😀

  4. Those cookies turned out so perfect looking! My husband does the baking around here and I do most of the cooking. Its a nice trade.

  5. Yay – the holidays are coming, a time for baking. This time last year I was seriously nesting as the end of my pregnancy neared. I never knew I liked baking until I was 8 months pregnant.

  6. I LOVE this post. This is an open heart post. We and our family need more open hearted posts. We lose these moments so easily and today you captured one (like a fleeting butterfly) and examined it with us. I feel so warm and sweet now. Thank you for sharing this with us

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