Best Adult Field Trip

A couple weeks ago I was invited by the amazing folks at Science World to enjoy one of their best events of the year – their #VANScienceSocial aka the best adult field trip in Vancouver. Myself and a few other amazing bloggers, influencers and news folks got to check out a whole behind the scenes tour of Science World that not even some of the employees there get. It was a whole day planned from 3pm to 10pm jam packed with an itinerary of fun, learning and of course new exhibits.

Since it was such a gorgeous day on this day I decided to make a complete day of it and walked around downtown for the day, hung out along the seawall and really enjoyed the sites before heading inside – something that I always suggest people do if they are planning on being in the area.

Once I got inside I was ready to participate in the best adult field trip in Vancouver and I was so excited to get started. They split us up into groups and headed off to our stations to check out some of the cool stuff at Science World; our group started in the Tinkering space!

We got to make super fun little pins – any kind we liked and if you follow me on Instagram then you saw my little Tardis creation. This section was super neat, but sadly throughout my night I lost my Tardis along the way. That just means I will need to head back for one of their great adult nights to make a new one.

Once we were done in the #SWtinkering area we headed off to check out Birdly a really cool virtual reality experience that you can now check out whenever you visit! Giving you the feeling of flight it makes you experience life as an eagle flying through downtown manhattan, 1930s manhattan and a few other amazing landscapes. It is a great way to check out how it feels to fly and for those of you that get a little nauseas this simulation was made with you in mind to help minimize your symptoms if not nullify completely. So you can feel safe flying high!

Best Adult Field Trip

From there we got to check out something that not even most of the employees there get to see. We got to head to the top of the dome – one of the biggest dome buildings on the planet in fact and boy was I excited about this. We started by checking out the sound system and heading all the way up, up, up the cat walks to the hottest place in all of Vancouver. The top of the dome.

Being able to sit at the top of the dome was not only scary but super interesting – fun fact it is also beyond hot up there at the top of the dome. All the collective heat collects up there and it sits – it was incredible feeling the temperature change so much as we walked up. Looking down was also a whole different experience in itself and it definitely had me feeling woozy a bit. We also got to check out the projection room that has been the same since 1986 when Science World was build for Expo ’86… something I missed since I wasn’t on the planet yet – I was born 1987.

We also found out something else – Kristen Bell is going to be the narrator to an upcoming Pandas IMAX feature and I am over the moon excited to be checking it out this weekend with my boys!

Best Adult Field TripYou can bet that I will bet there and be first in line for the best seats, this mama wants to learn and laugh along with Kristen Bell and I can’t wait to check out the sneak peak this weekend!

After checking out all the fun stuff it was time for our food break and awards where I won the socialite award much to my surprise – I even got a little trophy made on their 3D printer. We even got a run down on the animation process of the new Incredibles 2 which also included a HUGE sneak peak of the new movie I wish I could talk about but I can’t. This of course lead into all of us getting full free run of the Pixar exhibit they have running right now and all the rest of Science World!

This Pixar exhibit is totally something else and as you can see I am a HUGE fan of all things Pixar. I can’t even name a movie I don’t like I love them all, I cry during them all – everything. LOVE PIXAR. So if you have a kid or you are a fan to you need to head down and check it out. You can see character designs, props, hang out with your favorite characters and so much more.

It was one of the best nights at Science world and just when we thought it couldn’t get better we got to control the lights of the dome ourselves with #ohYVR and it was spectacular.

I hope that next year is just as amazing and that I get invited cause this was one of the coolest days of my life!

When was the last time you got to enjoy Science World?


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