I just got back from a dentist appointment and despite the fact that my child is obsessed with brushing his teeth, and despite the fact that i actually fing floss his teeth for him the little bastard has the starting of a fing cavity on one of his front fing teeth!!! THIS PISSES ME OFF!!  Mainly cause i go to a “free” dentist clinic to get his teeth looked at and to get fluoride varnish for his teeth, because we can not afford regular dental care.  We are capable of getting him into the healthy kids program that we have in BC BUT i have sent the forms in three months ago and have heard jack all so I have now sent in yet ANOTHER form to my stupid government who is holding onto this money with their lives.  To get coverage we have to make under 30, 000 with all the deductions… we are at 14, 875.00; sad right??  I hate being poor, but i guess i could be worse off.  I should be happy with what i have.  I just am kinda bitter cause its dental and medical etc, i should be able to pay for that stuff.  But not everyone can…. hell i haven’t been to a dentist since i was in gr. 8 and i know my teeth aren’t great.  Which is why i have made a major point of never EVER sharing cutlery, cups etc with my kids as i don’t want to be spreading all my teeth shit onto them.  Apparently it doesn’t matter, even if i’m crazy insane about his teeth.  I am just so UGH about this.  Just one more thing on my plate that i don’t want.  Today, after that, i am upset, grumbly, and just agitated… guess thats kinda selfish.  I seem to be short tempered and i have nail marks in my hands from holding back my angst today.  UUUUGGGHHHH!!!! is all i can say about how i feel a big fat UUUGGGGHHH!!!! 

BUT ON ANOTHER NOTE!! I am not supposed to be whining and complaining about everything on this planet, that’s is not how to keep you reading so i shall get back to what i was trying to talk about, which is a contest.  

Now most of you in hte mommy blogging world have probably seen this genius woman taking us all by storm with her blog designs.  Well GUESS WHAT; she has partnered up with another woman to bring us a WONDERFUL contest.  TO GET A BLOG MAKEOVER BITCHES!!! So that’s awesome, I wanted to spread the word, to not only selfishly give myself two additional entries, but to also let all of you know!  To spread some love and get some love!!  

so check out Samantha’s Day to see her wonderful work!!  THEN check out Symmetry in Motion to enter the contest!!

Samantha's Day
Samantha's Day



  1. UGH! I’m right there with you! Dental care is just so expensive! I hope that your little man can get the care he needs. Big hugs to you!

  2. UGH i know, dentist are harsh con artists… not as bad as orthodontists but still bad! Luckily its just the start, and i’m glad they said something to me about those forms “if you fill this form out you should get coverage by the end of hte month.” I was thinking “really…. i sent in the last one three to four months ago and have heard nothing… guess i was worried for good reason.” Once thats in FREE dental visits for the kids until they are 12 years old; I love BC’s health kids program… just wished it went up to at least 18.

  3. gooood luck on winning the makeover….asssss there i go again with the as…..as far as the free clinic…damn! i wish i had one here…..getting insurance sucks…we cannot get anything when we need. i’m poor too…..i know what the hell its like….sucks effing rotten egg smelly ass!

  4. ROFL!!!! That is awesome! “sucks effing rotten egg smelly ass!” ROFL ~tears stream down face from laughter~

  5. That stinks about the dentist! I don’t know how much you know about all the political junk going on here in the States or not, but they’re trying to get more universal healthcare here. I think something needs to be changed from the current plans we have, but I also hear lots of problems from you & others in countries with universal healthcare too, so I don’t know what the answer is. Our dental plan isn’t great, so we pay a lot for dental work. It stinks that he takes care of his teeth & still has a cavity!!

    Thanks for the post about the blog remake. I think I’ll post about it too! 🙂 My husband could do things to remake my blog, since he’s a programmer, but he really doesn’t have the extra time to do it!

  6. i don’t think health care is really that great anywhere. My friend in Holland says its great there! They are also the most family focused country ever with every work place providing day cares, and giving EXTRA slack to women that breastfeed AND work. I heard it’s pretty brilliant out there. Let’s all move! lol

  7. Ugh-sounds like you had quite the day. Maybe winning a blog makeover would make up for it! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the shout out! Good luck to you! I can’t believe how many people have entered. I am at a loss…
    Sorry about the dentist stuff. 🙁 I have 4 kids, so I can totally sympathize with you about the cost of healthcare. Hope things get better for you!

  9. Ummm, I’ll totally be entering that contest thanks for the tip! And don’t get me started on medical care costs….

  10. Somebody should look into these things, even with dental care and insurance paying around 50-80% of the costs, people still get slapped with a bill worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I have pretty decent dental insurance but O-M-G, we get charged 220USD for deep cleaning! Insurance shouldered 80% so that’s our 20% share… seriously!? over a grand for deep cleaning? It’s so wrong!!!

  11. I’m seriously still paying off my dentist bill from January. AND at the time I still had dental coverage from my ex. -sigh-

    Oh and PS – I was laughing my ass off when I read all the dentist stuff because it was totally unrelated to your post title. I liked the confusion though – it kept me reading to see where you were taking it! 😉

  12. ROFL!! yeah i’m rather random; but the point is you kept reading lol!

  13. We should all move to Holland! Even when I was paying into my health care premium and paying co-payments I still had sucky insurance.
    One of my girls definitely needs braces and hubby and and I just can’t figure out how we’re going do that. know anyone running a contest for free dental work?

  14. no kidding!!! i wish there was one!!! I needed braces too… my dad never got them, just a mini brace over about five teeth, $2000.00. Clearly not in the budget for a family on welfare.

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