You know when you have a dining experience that is life changing and you just can’t stop telling people about it? I recently was invited to a media opening event for the Silk Dinner Lounge here in Vancouver and it was just that: life changing. I know that might seem dramatic but it is the gosh honest truth. Not only does this place have mind blowing food but they also have an incredibly skilled bar, locally sourced everything and the food is the most inclusive you can get when it comes to any and all dietary preferences and restrictions. You have ANY food issue they will figure it out and make you something amazing – believe you me.

I was so lucky to get the chance to check it out without any restrictions like getting a behind the scenes look at their endless hand ground spice rack that made all the foodies jealous. It was such a wonderful way to enjoy the restaurant to its fullest extent, knowing that everything is from farm to table in this exotic setting makes it even more fabulous.

What about the food at Silk Dinner Lounge?

The food. Where to begin. Everything we tasted was done to complete perfection – seasoned perfectly all the perfect texture and heat it was honestly amazing to fall in love with everything I tasted. With their unique spin on Indian and French cuisine this place will send you on a bit of a flavour journey with lots of fun twists you wouldn’t expect. Then the cheesecake happened and my life was officially forever changed – it was the best thing I had ever eaten I kid you not and it includes brandy goat cheese caramel. So whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or have any kind of allergy know that this place will welcome you and your guests with open arms.

If you can’t tell from below the food was so good I forgot to take pictures of so many dishes before digging in. This is a place you wont want to wait for pictures.

Now tell us about the drinks!

One they are all created by drink geniuses who love to play with their ingredients making locally sources jellies and syrups to pair with their drunkenly good concoctions. If you aren’t getting one of their brilliant mixed drinks I highly suggest one of the local beers on tap, my favorite being the Strawberry Wit from a brewery I can’t remember at the moment from here in Vancouver. It was the best combo of beer and strawberries and you have to try it.

If you are looking for a cool drink experience, head to the bar ask for Milton and tell him your taste preference and he will create something incredible. Three of us did this at the event and we each went with a different taste: Tart, Bitter and Sweet. He worked his magic and made us each something we loved, maybe loved a little too much! Took them a while to get us out of there believe you me.

You mentioned the decor was special at Silk Dinner Lounge?

Yes, you are right I did and it truly is each and every inch of this place has been well planned out and created for a special and very uniquely beautiful dining experience. If you can’t tell from some of the images below you can see they truly do have an amazing atmosphere being created all throughout the place. With real silks all over the walls, ceilings and separating booths this place totally transports you. The bar is made from true BC redwood and is painted in a lovely blue but leaves the red wood to peak through all over making it truly unique. Everywhere you see crystals know that they come all the way from Egypt and they accent above the bar and are even used in the bathroom chandeliers. The chairs are carefully chosen and the entrance to the place itself has a door straight from the 1100’s. Every time you turn your head there is a new detail to marvel at – even when you go pee.

This is somewhere you will honestly run into me, that is how much I will be going back to this place. It is a wonderful place to eat, mingle and get your drink on with your most favorite people, when you go tell them I sent you!


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