When your wedding day is coming there is one thing you probably aren’t thinking about is your skin care routine. With my trouble skin though this is something that I am thinking about all the time. With my skin issues and with my wedding being in the summer time I have a lot of stuff to think about for my wedding skin care routine and all the prep that will come with that.

What do I have to think about exactly?

Dry Itchy Skin

With my skin being so fair I have issues each season with dry skin and that changes of course depending on the season. My dry skin will be completely different in the Winter time than it will be in the Summer so I need to think of all different ways to attack the issue. One of the best ways I have found is by using a nice natural high oil soap. This is a great way to keep my skin balanced and helps it from breaking out in dry patches. I found this great Kariderm fair trade Neutral Natural Soap that really does a great job at not irritating my skin.

Choosing A Lotion

Lotions are an incredible way for me to keep my skin in check when the weather starts to bother me. With my lower legs being one of my biggest trouble spots. With my wedding dress being a shorter skirt this is a bit of a worry for me to say the least. But there are things to consider when it comes what you want and need in a lotion. You don’t want something that sits too oily on your skin for too long and you also don’t want something that feels heavy in your pores. Kariderm’s Hand Cream and Organic Shea Butter are both great options for me when I am looking for something with simple ingredients and low on scents. Having something too scented could be a factor for your irritated skin so for me staying clear of all scents is the best way to go.

Wedding Skin Care
Image Credit Eschelle Westwood

Clothing Residue

Between lotions, deodorants and perfumes there are many ways these types of products can affect your clothing. This is something that I often have to deal with when it comes to perfumes and deodorants. This is why I try to, again, stay as natural as possible. Using a chemical free deodorant is one of the biggest ways I have managed to save most of my shirts. Yes it was a bit of a harder transition as your body needs to be given a couple weeks to adapt to the chemical free lifestyle. But it has been worth it in the long run for me and my clothing.


With my wedding being in August and with my skin being ghostly white sunburns are on the top of my worry list. The last thing that I want is to look like a tomato and finding a good sunscreen can be hard. With my skin sensitivities I find the more natural the better in terms of sunscreen ingredients. I NEVER get any spray sunscreens as their coverage is spotty at best and I always, always reapply religiously.

Hopefully with all these things in mind I will be able to have the most gorgeous wedding skin for my big day!


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