I remember when my eldest was a baby, and youngest wasn’t around.  I remember how sweet and little he was… how come when i see youngest i miss eldest at youngest size.  Did that make sense?? I long for when eldest was that size again, i miss him at that age.  He was so funny and so different from youngest.  But eldest is the best big brother i’ve ever seen, he loves to help take care of his brother but; I can see how an older sibling could be jealous of a younger one.  They see mommy gush all over them saying how much they missed it when they looked that cute… I bite my tongue and tell him: “OH [eldest] he’s JUST as cute as YOU were when YOU were that small!”  He seems to like this.

Eldest at a weekish…

I can only imagine how I am going to feel when youngest is three.  It brings tears to my eyes thinking EVERYDAY “wow this is one of the last days you’ll do this…” etc.. Isn’t that a sad thought? Seeing them do their first clumsy clap only to see them two days later clapping like a pro… you find yourself missing the clumsy babiness of they once possessed.

Youngest at a weekish…. (maybe a couple days)

Then, as always, my thoughts bring me to my mom.  How she must have thought looking at me as a teen, then as a young mother; even if it was only just for a little while.  When my eldest was born you know what the first thing i did was??  I called my mother and apologized for “everything” whatever that meant to me or her.  She couldn’t be there since she was going threw chemo and it was a really long labor etc.. it would have been to hard on her body. 

my mommy and me. 

I miss her.  Go call your moms and tell them you love them… *sigh*

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  1. I’m about to call my mom right now. I have two wonderfully loving parents and I am truly blessed.

  2. Having my baby boy has strengthened my bond with my mom so much more than I imagined. I appreciate everything about her. Most of all I appreciate how much she loves and adores my little Hudson.

  3. I have always wished mine were little again. I would like to have all four of mine be two for a couple of days!

  4. Putting the baby clothes away always makes me sad. I guess just proof they are getting bigger. Thanks for the reminder about moms, I’m going to call her now!

  5. I am sometimes guilty of taking my relationship with my mom for granted. Thanks for reminding me to exert more effort to be closer to her.

  6. i look at the teens and miss when they were Natasha’s age. Learning to walk, giving me hugs and kisses every 5 minutes. It’s so sad to think that Damian and Natasha will soon be teens too and too busy for mama. But sooner or later, they’ll all have to come back and love me again. It’s the circle of life . . .

  7. @everyone this makes me want to videotape every moment of my life so that i can always just rewind…. oi vey… lol

  8. An excellent reminder, I’m going to call my mother as well! Great blog, I’m your newest follower, come over and see our Shamozal sometime at 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle. Kirsty (Shamozal)

  9. On Wednesday, my boy will be 8 months. I was watching him sleep the other day and I thought, “When did you get so big? When did you change from that tiny little baby I brought home?” It’s amazing how quickly things change. He’s still a baby and I already miss him being a baby. …and I call my mommy every day and give her all the details on pretty much EVERYTHING my son did that day.

  10. I sometimes think I take my mother for granted.. too much…. I needed that reminder going to call her soon and tell her that I love her.. *smiles*

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  12. So sweet. I love the reflection and adoration you have. I’m pregnant with my first and just so excited for pictures like these.

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