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In an ideal world, we all would like to get a stylist or designer to create our home decor and style how it all looked. But on a budget, doing it yourself is more of the reality. It can mean saving up to do certain things, and doing it yourself, rather than calling in the help of an expert. So here are some ideas and tips to help you style your home or redecorate, that will help to give it a look of luxury. The good news is that it can be done on a budget. You just need to know how!

Fresh Flowers

Do you have a friend or the parents of a friend that always had a home looking lovely and choc when you were younger? The chances are that they always had fresh flowers in one form or another on display. Not only do they bring a pop of color, but they can soften the look of a room, bring it up to date, and make it look classier. The same goes for houseplants or succulents that are pretty popular at the moment. An easy win for some instant sophistication.

Variety of Textures

If you have cushions or throws on a sofa or even on your bed, then it can create a lovely look. But if they are all the same (same color, style, or texture), then it can leave it all looking a little flat. Experiment with textures and use a variety to add dimension and make things look more expensive than they really are. If you’ve got it in the budget, then one or two luxury pieces, mixed with cheaper options can look really good.

home decor
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Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Our bathrooms are often places that get forgotten about and left behind of the times. But it can be a room that can be easy to make look good and make look more luxurious. For a large change, then looking to buy a Helixbath acrylic bathtub can be a good way to add luxury, without breaking the bank. If you are looking for cheaper options, then simply repainting, and decluttering (or at least hiding the clutter), can be a good way to go. Less is more when it comes to luxury, and to bathrooms for that matter.

Switch Lampshades

If you are buying lampshades for the cabinets by your bed, then often you might find one that has a great looking stand, but with a shade that is a little less than desirable. The great news is that they come off! You don’t have to stick with them just because they came with it. So think about how you can upgrade the bedside table lights. Simply swapping the lampshade can make it look instantly more classy. The same goes for main lights in the home too. They can be easily swapped and changed to give them a lift and make it look different.

Have you got home decor plans anytime soon? It would be great to hear what you think.


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