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Wedding’s are expensive and everyone knows it, of course we also know that they don’t have to be. There are so many amazing ideas out there for saving money and trust me I have been trying to utilize all of them. My favorite and most beneficial of the ideas is a rather unconventional one getting your wedding guests to help with the bar tab.

Don’t you want to know how??

A bottle drive.

This seemingly simple action, usually used for school fundraisers and not weddings, has been impacting my bar tab in a HUGE way all thanks to friends, family and my bad habits! Bad habits being my love for cider and my husbands love for beer. This way your wedding guests are already paying for their fair share of the drinks as long as they are donating!

Wedding Guests
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The best part is, it took me all of three minutes to setup an express drop account with my local depot (NOT SPONSORED). Now anyone I know is dropping off their cans and wine bottles to my house to straight into my account which is the best thing on earth. The money just sits there and is waiting for me to cash it out via check so I can use it whenever I need to (AGAIN NOT SPONSORED).

Doing this has already added (or subtracted depending on how you look at it) from my booze budget. We are even hoping to have over 60% of our bar tab covered using out bottle drive method – we have four months to go and we are already ahead of what I expected.

I love my friends and family but they are drinkers which means I knew my bar tab was going to be a big one and I thought this was the best way to subtract from that with all of their help. It has worked amazingly that I am now suggesting it as a must do for your upcoming wedding.

So, in closing, what is my number one tip for saving on your bar tab? To get help from your wedding guests by pulling together a bottle drive.

Your wallet will thank you.


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